The 3D body scanner is a machine which creates a 3D model of the body so that it can be measured accurately and quickly.  This is not to be confused with a Full Body Scanner which you might see at an airport as our scanner is non-invasive.  The 3D body scanner takes a series of scans using infrared light in the space of 6 seconds which is then analysed by the software and turned into a measurable body model. From this model we can measure many aspects of the body which can be used for creating custom garments to documenting statistical information based on body size.  The scanner can also save low quality 3D models to be used in conjunction with other software such as Rhino 6 and Artec Studio 10.

How does the scanner work?

Our body scanner is a TC2 KX-16 scanner which uses infrared sensors, a safe white light technology to scan the surface data of a body.  The sensors are similar to that of a Microsoft XBox Kinect sensor and use the same technology.  The machine works by taking a series of images and using data read by the sensors about the light reflected back to works out the position of the surface of the body in space.  Our scanner will do this in a matter of seconds.  This technology is non-invasive and will only detect the surface of anything it can see.  This means that if you are clothed it will see your clothes.  For the scanners software to work at its best, it is better if the subject being scanned is in tight fitting clothing or underwear.  The scanning software will automatically look for a body shape so if somebody is wearing loose clothing it may not generate a body model correctly or even at all.  Once the scanner has got the images and data it needs it constructs a body model separating arms and legs from the torso.  This allows the user to work specifically on a body part.  Once this body model has been created the user can then begin taking accurate measurements of the scanned body, or if they have predefined their measurements in advance the software can do this automatically.  Once the measurements have been extracted the user has the option to save and print the measurements.

For information on working with the Body Measurement Scanner please visit the Downloads page.

How much does it cost?

Using the Body Measurement Scanner is Free!  To be able to use the scanner without the technical demonstrator you will need to have completed the relevant induction.
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