Nifty new app for online and distance classrooms

Hi all,

So on a fairly normal day, we have been using Padlet to get responses to questions from students, and it’s a great instant response system… It’s text based, but one can also insert links and images, etc…

However, I’ve just come across a new app in the MOOC that I’m currently taking Humanizing Online Instruction (AKA #HumanMOOC), called Flipgrid.

It’s amazingly cool.

What it allows an instructor to do, is to ask a question, which then the students answer by recording a short video of themselves ‘answering’ the question.  The students can also watch the answers by OTHER students in the course.

The app works on computers, and there’s an app for iDevices as well.  It’s pretty nifty.

Unlike Padlet, which is free to use. With Flipgrid, there is a licensing cost for the instructor, it’s free for the students using the system.  However, for $60 per year, the cost isn’t prohibitive.

It was fun to use as a student, and I can see an application of this sort working really well for asynchronous learning.


3 thoughts on “Nifty new app for online and distance classrooms

  1. Thanks for sharing this resource. I like the idea of this but would like it better if it provided options for learners who would be more comfortable with text or audio. Also the videos aren’t (I don’t believe) transcribed which makes it inaccessible for some. The other concern is I could tweet videos from the app without permission. Not sure everyone would like that.

    • Kendra,
      I can see where you’re going about certain accessibility and privacy issues with the app. However, I believe you’re making a common mistake when folks discuss apps. Assuming an app is going to do “everything” is sort of a left-over of ye’ olde desktop application days. We assume that the tool will be able to do x, y and z, and if it doesn’t we may not like the app that much. But, that’s an incorrect way of looking at apps, especially for tablet/smartphone uses. For an app to be a good one, it must perform a task well, easily, and be pleasant to use. That’s it. Apps should only really do ONE thing, and do it remarkably well. And frankly Flipgrid fills those criteria. If you don’t like video reponses, and would rather use text-based things, there’s a free web tool called Padlet which allows students to reply via text or images to a stated question. Or VoiceThread for having the choice… Text, or audio, or video responses are all available. VoiceThread is a bit pricey for your average teacher/lecturer to do, but at a big institution it’s a great option.

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