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5 steps to finding the right influencer for your brand.
It’s no secret among marketers that conventional marketing methods are not working as effectively as they used to. To engage with the Millennials and Generation Z successfully, businesses need to have a strong presence on social media, and although b (More)
Digital Marketing: Why SME's Must Promote Through Instagram Influencers
Have you just created a new business and do not yet have pages on social networks? How to make your product known and in demand, and your account has attracted the attention of the public? The answer to this question consists of only three words: Ins (More)
Facebook for Business: Cost-effective communication tool with current and prospective clients
Source: (Hollingsworth, 2019) Nowadays there are many social media platforms designed to suit the various needs and preferences of their users like More)
Dealing with Negative comments and Trolls on YouTube
This blog will discuss how to deal with negative comments/trolling on social media and in particular YouTube. YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world and has one billion unique monthly visitors  meaning one out of every two internet (More)
In the last blog, we talked about how emails can be used to segment your audience. But now that you have segmented your audience, what next? Did you know you can also use emails to increase your brand’s reputation? Veloutsou & Moutinho (2009) pos (More)
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Apple must develop a specific Digital Marketing strategy for social networks to increase the awareness of each of its products (iPhone, iPad, Watch) and Service (iTunes, Video, App, App store). There must be segmented campaigns to attract youth, midd (More)
Steps for small retailers to achieve a successful digital influencer marketing campaign.
The birth of social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc., provided a unique new forum for communication that gave rise to an entirely new animal: digital influencers (Shiau W. et al. 2017).  While these influencers pervade almos (More)
Assessed Blog Post 3: Macro vs Micro-Influencers. Which adds the most brand value?
Influencer marketing was rated the fastest-growing customer acquisition channel, and can also be one of the cheapest if the right strategies are utilised (Zheng, 2018). According to Zheng (2018) 59% of marketers are planning to increase their influen (More)
Retail Mobile Applications: The need-to-know, nitty-gritty, make-or-break aspects.
Figure 1 - Browser Vs. Application usage Mobile apps are significantl (More)
Blog 3 Artificial Intelligence: Online Retailing
Artificial Intelligence: Online Retailing   The aim of the blog is to explore the idea of artificial intelligence in the world of retailing in terms of impacting businesses in a positive manner by focusing on conversion rates and customer (More)
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