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The SustainabilityTeam:

Key responsibilities: leading on the strategic and operational implementation of sustainability – including sustainable behaviour change – across the university.

  • Environmental Officer: Sustainable Behaviour and Engagement (full time):  Lucy Lisle:

Key responsibilities: managing the ‘c-change’ behaviour change campaign and communications.

Key responsibilities: supporting the Sustainability Team with delivering student and staff engagement and behaviour change projects.

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Estate and Facilities Management

Key Responsibilities: coordinating facilities provision across the university estates, including waste management.


Accommodation and Hospitality Services:

Key Responsibilities: managing university accommodation and hospitality services provision, embedding sustainability into all practices.


Finance Department:

  • Head of Procurement & Insurance Services (full-time of which 80% sustainable procurement focus): Julian Wood:

Key Responsibilities: managing procurement across the university, ensuring sustainable practices – financially, environmentally and socially.

Key responsibilities: Ensuring sustainability and whole life costing are considered at each point in the procurement process.

Key responsibilities: procurement team support.


Centre for Learning and Teaching:

Key responsibilities: Education for Sustainable Development.


Students’ Union:

Key responsibilities: Environment and sustainability work at the SU.


Staff information

The Sustainability Team attend and present at the university Staff Induction Day,which is mandatory for all staff. The Sustainability Team will be present during the stalls section of the day to chat to you about sustainability at the university, including our c-change campaign and travel options. The Sustainability Team also present at the induction day, to introduce staff to sustainability policy and embedding it the university.

You can also download the Staff Sustainability Checklist here.

If you are a member of staff looking for staff specific information, such as Cyclescheme and Warp-it, please see the Staff Central pages.

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