Car-sharing (Travel Smart)

Car-sharing is a simple way of both cutting your costs and reducing carbon emissions – the more people you share with the better! Find car-sharing partners through the University’s car-share platform: Travel Smart: University of Brighton, powered by Liftshare.

The website lets you register your journey to university and matches your journey with others, allowing you to find a car-share partner from within the university or the wider East Sussex umbrella scheme.

Why car-share?

“Car-sharing is the most convenient travel option for me – it makes parking much easier & saves me money by splitting petrol costs, which is key for me as a student!  And it’s great to know I’m being greener too!” Nicky UoB student



Find out all the benefits and sign up here.

Car-sharing at Moulsecoomb

Dedicated car share parking spaces are available in the Watts South car park. Moulsecoomb permit holders travelling into work are eligible to make use of these dedicated spaces by car sharing.To qualify, drivers must travel to the university with one or more permit holders, and must display at least two Moulsecoomb / Bridge parking permits on arrival.

Drivers wanting to car share from The Bridge to Moulsecoomb will need to apply for a specific Bridge car share permit.

Unused car share spaces will be released for general permitted use from 9.30am each weekday.

Colleagues and students can make their own car share arrangements or search for car share partners on the university’s own car share platform, Travel Smart.


Travel Smart is operated by Liftshare, a third party tool which requires registration. Please read their members terms and conditions of use here.

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