Car-sharing (Travel Smart)

Car-sharing is a simple way of both cutting your costs and reducing carbon emissions – the more people you share with the better! Find car-sharing partners through the University’s car-share platform: Travel Smart: University of Brighton, powered by Liftshare.

The website lets you register your journey to university and matches your journey with others, allowing you to find a car-share partner from within the university or the wider East Sussex umbrella scheme. You will need a permit to park in the university car parks and can apply for one online.

Why car-share?

“Car-sharing is the most convenient travel option for me – it makes parking much easier & saves me money by splitting petrol costs, which is key for me as a student!  And it’s great to know I’m being greener too!” Nicky UoB student



Find out all the benefits and sign up to Travel Smart.Travel Smart is operated by Liftshare, a third party tool which requires registration. Please read their members terms and conditions of use here.

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