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Here are just some of the many online resources with a Peer-to-Peer focus that you may find of interest.

UK Peer-to-Peer Studies:

Biggs, H., Bowie, J., McLean J., O’Sullivan, C., Woodhouse, A., (2012), Developing Peer Support for Long Term Conditions, Lothian and Lanarkshire, Mental Health Foundation.

Biggs, H., Bowie, J., McLean J., O’Sullivan, C., Woodhouse, A. (2012), Exploring Peer Support as an Approach to Supporting Self-management, Scotland, Mental Health Foundation January 2012

Carter, Tim., Repper, Julie. (2011) ‘A review of the literature on peer support in mental health services’ Journal of Mental Health, August 2011; 20(4): 392–411

Chakkalackal, L. (2013) ‘Doing it for ourselves: Self-help groups for people with dementia living in extra care housing schemes’ Written for the Housing Learning & Improvement Network by
Mental Health Foundation, December 2013

Faulkner, A. Sadd , J. Hughes, H. Thompson, S. Nettle, M. Wallcraft, J. Collar, J. De la Haye, S. McKinley, S. (2013) ‘Mental health peer support in England: Piecing together the jigsaw’ Funded by the Social Action Fund and led by Mind ‘for better mental health’

UK Peer-to-Peer Training Initiatives:

The Professional Development Award (PDA) in Mental Health Peer Support- Offered by Colleges and Training Providers in Scotland.

Together: Working for Wellbeing -offers a national 8 day training programme.

RAISE Mental Health Ltd- Training provided by people with experience of mental health challenges.

The Scottish Peer Education Network- Network and best-practice exchange for peer education projects.

The Expert Patient Programme (EPP) –NHS- 8 week course for people with chronic health conditions lead by people with chronic health conditions.

UK Peer-to-Peer Projects Aiming to Share Best Practice:

The Peer Led Peer Support (PLPS) Collaboration: networking with approximately 17000 per led mental health support initiatives to build best practices and increase local supports

Peer Worker Research Project: Briefing Paper ‘New Ways of Working in Mental Health Services: introducing Peer Worker roles into mental health services in England’

Mind Peer Support: UK Directory of Peer-to-Peer and peer led support initiatives.

International Peer-to-Peer Projects Aiming to Share Best Practice.

Peer Network BC (training, support and network for peer-to-peer service providers and both formal and informal peer support groups- shared building with event space)

The Centre of Excellence in Peer Support (CEPS) (online sharing clearinghouse of mental health peer-to-peer resources)

Peer-to-Peer Best Practice Model Development (2013): ‘Peer Involvement: European Initiative to Boost Meaningful Involvement of People Using Drugs’ Correlation Network.

Peer-to-Peer Best Practice Model Development (1994): “The European Peer Support Project ‘Encouragement, Development and Support of AIDS Prevention by Peer Support in Intravenous Drug User Communities”, Trautman, F., Barendregt, C.

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