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Information Gathered from the Questionnaire

Family life of the people aged 60+

The statistics from the Internet show that approximately 1/3 of the people aged 60+ live on their own. However, according to the questionnaires we collected from our class, all the old people they have talked with live alone. For these people, living separately from their children is a good way to enjoy freedom, and most of them sometimes offer to look after the grandchildren but they won’t stay to live with them. The family members visit them once a week except for those whose children live in different cities, in which case, the visit takes place once a month or 5-6 times a year. For those old people living alone, watching TV is the most popular activity in their spare time, while shopping ,reading and pubbing are also good choices for a few of them. Half of the people enquired live by pension while the other half live by working.

According to our observation, life of those old people is busy but colourful. However, when they are not in good condition, life can be quite lonely and frustrating, because for most of them, the only people they can rely on are themselves or the carer.

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