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My dear classmates:

Our group is trying to collect information about the life of people aged 60+ in the UK, and offer our comparison of those people’s life between the UK and China in our blog. We would appreciate it if you could spare some time to finish the questionnaire to help us. Place an “X” mark in the box of your answer, and you are welcome to add different answers on the line.

1. Have you talked with people aged 60+ in the UK? (If your answer is NO, please ask your host family to offer some answers. Thank you. )

  YES                      NO

2. Does he or she live alone or with the children?

  Alone                   With the children

3. Does he or she help to look after the grandchildren?

  Yes               No           Sometimes

4. How often do the family members visit him/her approximately?

  Once a week        Once a month       Once a Year

5. What does he/she usually do in the spare time?

  Shopping         Watching TV           Reading

6. How does he/she make a living?

  By pension      By working       By accommodating students

7. Does he/ she  use social media to communicate with others?

  YES (What kind of app is used?)             NO

8. Does he/ she often eat out?

  YES (How often?)                       NO


Thanks for your time!

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