University of Brighton Bursary

Are you expecting a payment from the university?

Eligible students who have been awarded a University of Brighton bursary should receive the first  instalment in the next couple of days.

If you are unsure about whether you should qualify for a bursary or not, firstly check you online student finance account. Click on the letters and emails heading and look for notification of award options where you should find a letter from the university confirming your award.

The bursary is available to England domiciled and non-UK EU students so have a look at our online bursary information

If you are still waiting to be assessed by Student Finance, come and see a Student Adviser and we can find out why there are delays and how to resolve any problems.

Student Advice Service

Helen is the Student Advice Service Manager within Student Services and is based in Tithe Barn on the Moulsecoomb campus

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