Waiting for exam results? Worried about paying for an extra year of study? We can help

We know that this can be a difficult time for some students waiting to hear the outcome of  exams and assessments. Feeling uncertain about the prospect of paying for an unforeseen additional year of study can understandably add to this anxiety, so we want to reassure you that the Student Advisers are here to make sure you know what to do and what to expect in terms of your funding.

For any continuing students, your immediate priority is to apply for next year’s funding if you have’ already. You must apply for student finance every academic year. The good news is that if you are applying now, you can provide an online signature instead of having to send the loan declaration form*. You/we can make any changes to a ‘live’ application later on.

What happens if you have to carry some modules?

No problem – this has no impact on your funding whatsoever, as long as you are progressing into the following year. The university can only charge you the maximum of £9250 in any 1 academic year.

What happens if you have to repeat a whole academic year for a few modules part time?

We call this repeating on a part time basis. As long as you continue to be enrolled on your full time course, you can get automatic funding (fees + maintenance + any additional grants) for 1 extra year of study – at any point in your course. If you have studied on a previous course or you have repeated a previous year, some problems can arise here, so please contact the Student Advice Service to talk things through.

If you are only required to repeat 1 semester or part of the year, you may only receive a pro-rata amount of maintenance funding, which includes any additional grants such as Parents’ Learning Allowance, Childcare Grant and Disabled Students’ Allowances.

In some exceptional circumstances the Exam Board may waive your repeat fees . If not, you will only be charged for the modules you are repeating. You will not be charged for the full year. You continue to be exempt from Council Tax.

What happens if you have to repeat a whole academic year full time?

Again, no problem to receive an additional year’s funding (fees + maintenance + any additional grants), as long as you have not had an additional year’s funding previously.

In some exceptional circumstances the Exam Board may waive your repeat fees . If not, you will be charged for the full year. You continue to be exempt from Council Tax

What happens if you have already repeated a year?

This is where things get tricky. You may be able to get an additional year’s funding on top of an extra year if you can prove a case of ‘Compelling Personal Reasons’. Things like illness, disability or traumatic personal events would be good grounds and we can help guide you with collecting evidence and presenting a case.

What happens if you have to repeat your final year?

All of the above apply whether it’s your first year or your final year.

NB In any repeat year situation, the university has to confirm your repeat year with your funding authority and you should notify the Council Tax department. If you are living at home you may need to get a new Council Tax exemption certificate. This can be provided at the Student Information Desk at your campus.

This covers the basic principles, so please contact us to find out more by phone 01273 642888, email studentadvice@brighton.ac.uk or pop in to see us……..we’re open for your questions all summer long!

Student Advice Service

*sorry, there are still a few exceptions to this 🙁

Helen is the Student Advice Service Manager within Student Services and is based in Tithe Barn on the Moulsecoomb campus

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