Have you got a question about your student finance status?

Are you still waiting to receive your funding?

There could be a number of reasons for this……..

  1. You need to return your loan declaration form. This will be a pdf document attached to your online Student Finance England/Wales/NI/SAAS account. You need to print, sign and date the form then return it to your funding authority. Once they have received this, you should receive your funding within 4-5 days (possibly quicker). If you have sent it already, longer than a week ago, you should call your funding authority and make sure they have scanned it. You may need to send a duplicate form.
  2. You need to apply for funding each year of study, so check that you have applied for this academic year. You also need to return a new loan declaration form each year.
  3. Does your status say ‘Your university or college needs to confirm your registration’? This means that we need to tell your funding authority you are here. This usually happens automatically but sometimes our systems stop talking to each other and things get missed. We can rectify this very easily, so tell us as soon as possible.
  4. If it reads next to your Tuition Fee Loan ‘awaiting attendance confirmation’ don’t worry, this is perfectly normal and will not affect your maintenance payments. We will be requesting all fee loan payments from students later, so this will change to ‘paid’ in November.
  5. Does it say payments are ‘Blocked’? Don’t panic! This usually means that your funding authority is verifying your National Insurance Number (NINO) which usually takes an extra week or so once you have returned your loan declaration.

Have you been assessed but you think you should be receiving more?

  1. Do you want to be assessed for the maximum maintenance loan available to you as a dependent student? If so, your sponsor needs to support your application – this means that your parent/s need to send proof of their income for the complete financial year 2015/16. Typically they need to send P60s for the relevant year, or proof of self employed accounts, DWP benefits and so on.
  2. If your household income has changed since 2015/16. you can request an in-year reassessment. If there has been a change of more than 15% in your household income between April 2016 and now, your funding authority can reassess you, but you need to provide evidence that this change is likely to stay the same for the forthcoming year. An  example of this is if one of your parents is no longer working.
  3. Do you think you might be an independent student (ie not assessed on your parent/s household income income) have a look at the additional information attached here (the Student Finance England factsheet)
  4. Are you estranged or care experienced? We can offer you additional support. If you are a new student and you told us about this when your enrolled online, we will be in touch in the next few weeks.
  5.  Have you just started a new Health Science course which has an academic calendar of 45 weeks this year? You need to check your funding authority is paying you the correct amount of money.
  6. Do you want to know more about the University of Brighton bursary? As long as you have been assessed by Student Finance England, you will be automatically considered for a bursary in your first year. We are informing students of their entitlement now, but if you haven’t heard by 1st December, please email the bursaries team bursaries@brighton.ac.uk. Payments will be made in 2 instalments, in January and May 2018.
  7. Do you normally receive DWP Benefits? The Student Advisers can help check your reassessment is correct, so bring your full entitlement letters to a drop in session at any campus.
  8. Anything else? Please contact Student Advice at your or any campus

We are the Student Advice Service – from left to right: Emily, Vangee, Nicolette, David, Helen, Steve, Sarah, Madeleine and Paula


Helen is the Student Advice Service Manager within Student Services and is based in Tithe Barn on the Moulsecoomb campus

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