Ismail Short Story


Underneath my kitchen sink there lives a mouse in an old tuna can. He told me that he has come from a dangerous place and that his journey was long and perilous.




He doesn’t speak English very well so I drew his journey the best I can. He is worried that people will be afraid of him because to them he is a strange little creature from a dangerous place….we will have to wait and see.

Over the course of the summer I started working on this idea of a silent comic. Condensed into four pages I illustrated the journey of this mouse and the world he had left behind. I used one Prussian Blue pencil and a discarded sketch pad that I found in the studio at the end of last year. The story is that of Ismail the mouse who had to leave his country because of dangerous forces only to arrive in a city only to be considered as the dangerous one.

I entered the comic in the Jonathan Cape Graphic Novel Competition but failed. After consideration I included text however on reflection I would like to rework this narrative back to a silent comic as originally intended.