The Little Book of Leviathans

The Little Book of Leviathans

The following was a self initiated project that I set as a technically limiting challenge. Using only an A6 book I aimed to present a pocket sized rendering of these creatures from the deep. Also known as the ‘Old Ones’ leviathans are believed to be huge creatures that served as God’ very first beasts. Too fierce and destructive God then created Purgatory and locked them inside. Which in this case is an A6 sketchbook.

Octopus- Cephalopod


Squid – Teuthida


Viper Fish – Chauliodus Danae

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Giant Squid – Architeuthis


Deep Sea Angler Fish – Lophiiformes

l1050831 l1050832

Bioluminescence Squid – Watasenia Scintillans

l1050833 l1050834

Viper Fish – Chauliodus Macouni

l1050835 l1050836 l1050837

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