Little Love of the 90’s

Little Love of the 90’s

Whilst clearing out the loft one weekend I came across my old collection of Sky and Face Magazines from the 1990’s. Inspired by this collection I noticed that there was a theme of reoccurring 90’s icons.


As a personal study I drew each icon as featured in the magazines. What intrigued me was the relation to celebrity and fame as represented in these old cover issues. There appears to be linear representation of the 90’s through hair and poses. What is striking is the use of cigarettes as props and the need to frown. This is something that I would like to explore in detail at later date.


Sketches Below:

They are as follows: Courtney Love, Evan Dando, Layne Staley, Brad Pitt, Winona Ryder, Luke Perry, Jason Priestley, River Phoenix, Leonardo DiCaprio.