Grand Parade

Grand Parade

At the beginning of the semester on October 3rd I started a field project of documenting Grand Parade. Throughout the term for 2-3 hours a week  I continued this illustrative exercise using a sketchbook made in Book Arts last year.  I started from Market Street gradually working down to Edward Street which is where I finished by the end of Semester One. My intention is to continue until my second year is complete.

Grand Parade is perhaps one of the last streets to be gentrified in Brighton. There is a stark contrast to the Parade. Below we have the seedy and dirty street yet when we look up there is the majesty of the Edwardian and Victorian vistas.

 Start 3rd October 2016

Edward Street. Finished End of Semester One.



Final Outcome.

Throughout the second semester i have continued with this project. Finally reaching the seafront. I then scanned the images into Indesign and with the tuition on bookarts created a mock up of the final renderings.