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Personal Project: Subversion

With the personal project I wanted to explore the idea of subversion and randomness. I initially went into charity book shops in Brighton looking for a Mills and Boon novel. Hopefully with a smulchy tagline and plot about romance. It turns out that there is little, if any market for these books in Brighton and was advised to go elsewhere. It just so happens that I live in Worthing where every charity shop I visited was chock full of Mills and Boon, some even having there own special section!

The title below especially appealed on account of the illustration on the front cover. It was a complete random choice of titles, with no known knowledge of the plot prior to purchase.




The idea behind my personal project was to randomly redact words in each chapter in the hope of finding a more subversive or sinister storyline. The rules are that I must not re-read or edit any of the paragraphs once blacked out and that I will only transcribe the book once all the chapters have been redacted.

Redacted Chapter Examples:

I am currently a third of the way through ‘Leave love Alone’ . There is a complete disconnect of grammar and language so far.  I am hoping that as this project progresses there will be a subversive theme, completely opposite to the original story, that will take shape.

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