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The Sussex Simulation Hub will be converting over to a twitter feed next month. We will continue to update the news about the PG Cert and its development to full Master’s Degree, in addition to any local or national developments.


Feedback MDM 148 Principles and Practice

from November 2017:

“Overall this module was absolutely amazing. The teaching was outstanding, the format very well thought through and I feel like I have learned at great deal. And for the first time I am sad that this is Friday and the module is over”.

Dr Thomas Kurka

Academic F2 BSUH

(with permission)


Principals & Practice Module November 2017

There was an excellent response/engagement to the modular materials and sessions from the cohort in November 17.

One student remarked that this ‘had been the best module he had attended out of the six modules that he had studied upon’ (praise indeed!).

The full evaluations will be available early in 2018

Merry Xmas to all who attended the course.


New faculty appointment-Dave Halliwell

Hi all

My name is Dave Halliwell and I have taken on supporting the Simulation Programme here at BSMS – and will be sharing thought / ideas and knowledge about clinical simulation and its wider educational ethos. I am working with a great team – led by Dr Wesley Scott–Smith.

I have an unusual background and interest in Simulation and the wider concept of Reality.

I am a great fan of the concept of #FOAMed – Free Online access to Medical Education – and would strongly recommend the concept of joining the #FOAMed community via Twitter. The aim of #Foam is to share ideas, knowledge, resources – and as we have seen via the use of Twitter that we can access many of the thought leaders directly. I never really understood Twitter prior to my involvement with the community, but it’s actually a great way to keep up to date.

–          A review of  the FOAMed concept  –

Some key international names – on Twitter to get you started… Please try and follow these few people – look at who they talk to –  and maybe follow them.

John Gatward – @jgatward

Chris Nickson – @precordialthump

Victoria Brazil – @SocraticEM

Jesse Spurr – @inject_orange

Debra Nestel – @DebraNestel

One of my favourite podcast sites and websites with links to global  thought leaders is the Simulation Podcast  –

As a final thought for this first introductory email – the hyperlink below is an example of the quality of debate you can enjoy in the FOAMed world – this podcast shows just much scrutiny the simulation community puts itself through.

The question being discussed – is there any difference between students who replace 10% of their clinical practice time in simulation with those who spend 50% of their time engaged in clinical sim?

Please take 20 minutes to listen to the Podcast and the subsequent discourse…

Victoria Brazil –

I will start to regularly share some of the ideas and resources we have available to us from the simulation community

PG Certificate-applications 2017-18

Would all applicants use the following link on the BSMS website to apply for a place on the PG Cert in Simulation:

Modular dates:

MDM148 Nov 27th to Dec 1st 2017

MDM149 January 15/16/17th and April 10th, 2018.

MDM 28 please contact Zoe Gallagher for these dates (

NB. please note that all modules are oversubscribed at present with a short waiting list.


Staffing changes

We are gradually extending our faculty team this year helped by funding from HE(KSS) who are supporting the appointment of further Teaching Fellows in simulation.

Dr Nikki Dearnley is extending her post with the faculty for 2017-18, combining this part time with clinical commitments and completion of her MSc research on the experiences of novice simulation  faculty.

We are interviewing next month for a Senior Teaching Fellow in Simulation to work part time with us (0.4 WTE) to develop the course and provide more CPD opportunities for busy healthcare staff in the region.



Several of our students have successfully completed the PG Cert in Simulation in Clinical practice -Well Done to our first official cohort! Some are going onto complete other modules as part of the MSc in Clinical Education.

The feedback on the course from both students and the external examiner alike  was very good.


Teaching Fellows in Simulation (BSMS)

There are three Teaching Fellow positions about to be advertised within the next two weeks through HE (KSS) and the University of Sussex. These roles are fixed term (12 months) as an ‘out of programme experience’ working at BSMS in the Department of Medical Education under the supervision of Dr Wesley Scott-Smith. All of these roles will include a contribution to teaching within the department whilst the successful applicant with complete a PG certificate in Simulation, or the PG cert in Medical Education (funded).

Each role will include a research component related to either SBME or other teaching responsibilities.

Applicants must be medically trained and have some experience of PG education and engagement with simulation.