One thought on “poster 5

  1. Dear Shuai,
    Your poster is developing well. I find the overall design interesting and your choice and use of images generally works well with the writing you have produced. Your account of the key concepts involved in your work, and the relevant contexts, is much better and shows much more depth. It would be good just to make clear what the topic of the box that begins ‘In the system of five elements..’ is, i.e., is this a continuation of the box above on ‘why does it matter?’ I think the next area for you to work on is how to add detail and richness to your descriptions in the bottom 3 boxes. You are starting to give an account of the problems you are tackling, and this is good, but I’d like to see more about why you have chosen wood, and what wood signifies to you (beyond it being a non-typical material for jewellery), and also what you mean by ‘experiment’. I can talk more about any of this next Wednesday if you would like to have a tutorial chat.

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