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  1. You have established a format for your poster but it has very little content and does not fulfill the brief. It will need a lot more information to communicate what your project is about. You could have included images of moving water and you could find an appropriate short quotation from the Lao Tse to add in your ‘content relevant’ section. In the bubble called ‘Why it matters’ you could include speculative sketches or collages.
    Please look at Alison’s and Louise’s posters, on this blog site and submit your second poster on Wednesday 28th June.

  2. Hello Shuai,
    You have included some interesting ideas and responded to most of the prompts on the research poster guidance sheet, so well done for that. I think it would be good to expand on your reference (in the ‘Why does it matter? section) to jewellery being an external expression of character. Can you mention or show images of makers (and wearers) of jewellery who have discussed/written about this? Under the ‘nature of your investigation’ you have mentioned translating abstract concepts into pieces. This is interesting and seems to be at the heart of your work. Can you start to show us how you are approaching this – what steps you are taking to explore the abstract concepts through materials? I’d really like to hear more about ‘Lao Zi’, as well !

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