Stop Motion.

These are a few stop motion animations that I made during a drawings workshop. This was the first time that I had ever made and sort of animation. This process was a lot of trail and error however I think I had some positive outcomes I started out using just pencil and the when I got more confident I started to use colour. If I was to use this process again I would use some equipment to keep my phone in the same place so all of the individual frames line up although the amateur quality of some o the animation work quite well in my opinion.


For this drawing project I went out to the north lanes and photography all the different shop signs that I thought would be interesting to try and recreate.

This is a page in my sketchbook of quick interpretation of some of the shop signs I saw. I chose to use a verity of different pens for this page. I wasn’t very happy with the outcome of this page I think some of the fonts worked really well but I hadn’t experimented with enough pens and font to find what compliments each other.

I used a dip pen and ink to create these and I was happy with this outcome as I gained a better understanding of the types of dip pens worked of the different fonts.  I also enjoy using the bright vibrant colour.

This is what the grop had accomplished by the end of the season. It was interesting to see other people’s interpretations and approach to this drawing exercise.

Christmas Cards.

These are some Christmas cards I made for a drawing project. I decided to create Christmas with a vintage traditional style because this is aesthetic I go for when I decorate my house at Christmas. I used watercolour paint and a blendable pen then I edited each drawing on photoshop.

Performance Project.

Character Design

first designs:

After the talk that I and the rest of the character design team had I chose to work on the character of Mrs DeRopp. We decided a theme for all the characters that they would look quite creepy Tim Burton style approach. So I created these preliminary designs For Mrs DeRopp to show to the rest of the group and to chose which features work best.


Once we narrowed it down to the best two as a group I did a digital design of the character and also a design of the pantalone mask that I would use as a reference when making the the physics mask.

We decided to go with the choice of the pantalone mask so it wouldn’t restrict the movement of the actor mouths and also the voice would be clearly heard. I built up the mask using cotton wool instead of newspaper so it would not be too heavy and it is easy to mold into shape and paint.


Poster Design:



This is the poster I created for the production. I choice to use the coloursceme that we used in the actual production. I used the text and design of the ferret I changes the colour of the text so it would stand out more and I used the ferret over the whole poster as a ghost like figure. I decided to base the poster around the shrine of Sredni Vashtar because it is a big part of the performance without revealing too much but just enough that it’s intriguing.

Making The Invisible Visible.


These are the frame from my first animation. At first I did not have a theme, I just had the idea to animate a skellington coming out of the ground. Id often looked at this mound of dirt in my garden and thought it looked strange. And this is the first idea that came to mind. I draw each frame on Photoshop and then I used to create the overlay for Aurasma.

Click the image so they come to life!

ShannonHurley1:- aurazma

Click the image so they come to life!

ShannonHurley2:- aurazma

I then sat in my room wondering what I could do next and what could be theme. I stared to get frustrated because I could not think of anything and I was just focusing on the leaves falling off my bonsai tree and wish it would stop dying. That’s when I thought to illustrate the leaves growing back.

Click the image so they come to life!

I then went with the theme ‘Bringing Things To life’ and wonder what else I could bring to life using the app. I then saw the dog ornament I was given to me as a gift because I was not able to get a real dog so I decided to ‘bring it to life’.

ShannonHurley3:- aurazma

Overall I fond the animations to be quite successful. However I found it annoying that I sent a long time on adding a lot of detail and spending a long time getting each frame to the best standard I could possible for the quality to be so bad when uploaded to Aurasma. However, I’ve gained skills and learnt new techniques.

Summer Project.

Heroes and Villains

In storybooks, novels and movies, there are often archetypes of characters. For instance, there might be a romantic hero, a strong leader or a heroine who needs to be rescued. Often, these characters in books or movies have certain classic traits that help you to identify what role they play in the story.

For example, some character traits that can be used to describe a heroic main character include:

  • Dauntless
  • Strong
  • Courageous
  • Reliable
  • Fearless
  • Daring
  • Tough
  • Brave

When describing a villain, or the story’s antagonist, it would be common to use these kinds of character traits:

  • Ugly
  • Evil
  • Cunning
  • Deceptive
  • Murderous
  • Psychotic

For this project I decided to research and sketch both Disney and Comic Book Heroes and Villains. I wrote a brief description about how each character fits their role they have whether that being in a film or comic, basing it on the list of character traits of what a hero or villain should possess. I chose to use a pencil for these drawing because it’s my favourite way of documenting research and I feel like it also compliments the original drawing style that the Disney character designers used and also the comic book illustrators.

I then chose to use my favourite sketches and decided to make them into posters. I then added personal quotes to each posters that both have different meanings. The quote on the hero poster is from my auntie who is may favourite person and who is seen a hero to me and my family, she would say this all the time to me when I was a kid as she was about leave. I still live by these words. And the quote on the villains poster is from me, when I asked my sister what would quote and she said “you’re like the joker you’re misunderstood and evil at your core” so I used this quote because when I was a kid I got the lyrics to a songs wrong (misunderstood) and was always a very badly behaved and had a bad temper and my family often referred to me as the evil twin/ devil child.