Analysis of an Email from Just Eat

The Email in question is offering a midweek deal on a select few restaurants. It was sent on a wednesday night and put into the promotions folder in my gmail account.



Length of Email-

The text isĀ  limited to just a short paragraph talking about the deals on offer which is useful as not everyone wants to read a long email. It is more effective when an event triggered email gets straight to the point. However the information about the offer included with the email is limited and it would be useful to include something like the terms and conditions so the reader knows how the deal works straight away.

Frequency and timing of email-

As the email is offering money off the frequency that they are sent out is less than some other companies. Usually an email like this will come through a couple of days after you have order to attempt to convince you to order again. The email was also sent on a Wednesday night often one of the slowest nights of the week for restaurants. Therefore the timing combined with the offer of a deal is a good marketing strategy.


The background of the email is bright orange catching your eye straight away and contains a GIF of different plates of food communicating the purpose of the email well while at the same time getting the reader hungry thinking about food.


The email from Just eat immediately draws your eye when you first open you inbox as the first thing you read is “Sonny,treat yourself to some great offers”. The message is personalisied by including a name. This gives the reader more of a reason to open it than a generic message would. Furthermore the purpose of the email is to offer a deal and this is communicated to the reader of the email straight away


The email also contains useful hyperlinks taking the reader directly to the just eat website or to the menu of the restaurants on offer.