“Hands-on” – The applied side of our course

For two core modules of our MSc courses during the first semester of the academic year, our MSc students are assessed on their ability to profile the physiological attributes of a person they are or would be working with in a sport or exercise setting (1 – Laboratory skill-based module). Later in the semester, they also design and implement an intervention aimed at improving the exercise tolerance of an individual they have chosen to work with (2 – Exercise tolerance module).

At the end of both modules, students demonstrate independence in their case study choice, in designing and conducting the desired laboratory testing, and in the interpretation of their results. The second module offer students the opportunity to develop a strong rationale for their intervention, and get a chance to implement it and assess its effectiveness. Throughout the two modules, students are given time and mind space to reflect on their experience.

With two distinct science-based case studies conducted in either a sportive or exercise context, depending on the course they chose, each student has therefore the opportunity to demonstrate autonomy and independence as they work as Sport and Exercise Physiologists with ‘real people’.

Below are some examples of projects carried out by our students in the past few years:

Laboratory skill-based modulehb707

Exercise tolerance module


If you were interested in taking part as a participant, please contact the course leader.

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