Careers of former MSc students

Student employment – 2017-2018 (Graduation ceremony in February 2019)

Ross McCarthy – January 2017 – Cardiac Technician, NHS

Anthony Durance – January 2017 – Performance Director at Elite High Performance

Matthew Marle – September 2018 – SENCo Teaching Assistant at Glenmoor and Winton Academy.

Jack Morton – April 2019 – Respiratory Physiologist at Royal Brompton & Harefield NHS Foundation Trust

Mitch Raynsford – September 2018 – Strength & Conditioning Intern at Warwick Sport

Student employment – 2016-2017 (Graduation ceremony in February 2018)

Rhiannon Cowan – June 2017 – Graduate Teaching Assistant and PhD student,Health-Kinesiology-Recreation, University of Utah.

Luke Holland – January 2019 –  Duty Manager at Freedom Leisure.

Deepthi Indukuri – 2015 – Director, Smart Progression.

Amie Jones – February 2017 – PhD studentship, University of Bern, Switzerland.

Jason Newbery – October 2017: Sport & Exercise Science Support Officer at University of Brighton. December 2017: Part-time PhD student, University of Brighton.

Michael Polycarpou – Octobre 2017 – Exercise Physiologist. CARE medical centre.

Alexander Welburn – November 2017 – Lead Physiologist & Performance Development Coach at Trainsharp Cycle Coaching

Zander Williams – September 2018 – Clinical Trials Technician at Medicines Evaluation Unit,Kingston upon Thames, United Kingdom.

Student employment – 2015-2016Wrfel mit 2016 / Jahreswechsel (Graduation ceremony in February 2017)

Paul Ansdell – June 2016 – Full-time PhD studentship at Northumbria University

Colin Brand – September 2015 – Performance Sport & Fitness Intern at University of Brighton. February 2017: Lead Strength and Conditioning Coach at Keele University.

Lauren Forrow – July 2015 – World Class Performance Programme Manager, GB Bobsleigh, British Bobsleigh & Skeleton Association.

George Green – June 2016 – 1st Team Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach and Data Scientist @ Brigthon and Hove Albion Football Club

Lee Jenkins – February 2017 – Delegate sale executive @ Oxford Global (Specialist business information for the Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences industry in the UK, Europe, USA and Asia)

James Macdonald – January 2016 – Sport & Exercise Scientist; Surrey Human Performance Institute

Elaine Melia – Octobre 2016 – Cardiac rehab exercise instructor @ Active Heart Cardiac Rehabilitation. November 2017 – Cardiac Rehabilitation Exercise Physiologist at Barts Health NHS Trust; Barts Health NHS Trust

Billy Norton – February 2016 – Full-time technician, University of Brighton

Franklin Sopuluchukwu – August 2015 – Medical Administrator at the Smart Clinic @  NHS Trust

Student employment – 2014-2015index (Graduation ceremony in February 2016)

We had 14 full-time students starting our MSc in September 2014 and joining two part-time MSc students from the previous year (16 students in total). Below details of their first step into the professional world for 11 of them (loss of contact with the remaining five; we obviously hope they are doing well!) – last update May 2017.

A third of our students are today Sport and Exercise Physiologists (31%) and two secured fully funded MPhil / PhD positions (13%). A quarter (25% exactely) secured other types of full-time position in the public (Education) or private sector. Information is unknown for 5 students, representing 31% of the year’s cohort.

James Davis – December 2015 – Academic Mentor (Sports Science) at Londong Met University

Kate Donnan – July 2016 – PhD studentship at Leeds Beckett

Jamie Durmush – September 2015 – Physiology at Trainsharp cycle coaching

Hannah Fletcher – November 2015 – Respiratory physiologist, Royal Brompton Hospital (London)

John Feeney – November 2015 – Applied Exercise Physiologist – Endurance at PURE Sports Performance

Lauren Forrow – July 2015 – World Class Performance Programme Manager,  British Bobsleigh & Skeleton Association

Maria Kotopoulea – Nikolaidi – September 2016 – Clinical Physiologist @ Basildon & Thurrock University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

James Macdonald – June 2015 – Sport and Exercise Scientist, Surrey human performance institute

Julia Mainstone – Sports and Fitness Nutritionist @  Brighton Sports Nutrition

Emma Mitchell – Summer 2015 – PhD studentship at Loughborough University

Jamie Monk – January 2016 – Performance Analyst at Lee Valley Leisure Trust

Rebecca Relf – January 2016 – Part-time teaching instructor, University of Brighton

Student employment – 2013-20142013_14_185654052_thinkstock

All our students on the 2013-2014 cohort (Applied Exercise Physiology MSc) have found positions within 6 months of completion. More than half our students (57%) secured positions as exercise physiologists (mix of private and public sector), a few joined the community of sports coaches, progressed into MPhil / PhD studies or became data analysts in the private sector.

Richard Avery – Health Adviser at Blackberry Orthopaedic Clinic; move onto a strength and Conditioning Intern at University of East London; Probationary Sport and Exercise Scientist at BASESUK (secured in the last few months following completion)

Gregor Eichhorn – Exersciences gmbh, Unimotion, Fitness Forum Konstanz (secured in the last few months following completion)

Jothan Hibben – High performance strength and conditioning coach at performance centre ( (secured within a year following completion)

Julia Kern – Test Coordinator Anti-Doping Agency, Sport Manager (secured in the last few months following completion)

Chris King – Health Screening Specialist for Bluecrest Health Screening (secured in the last few months following completion)

Elliot Lipski – Lead Physiologist at Trainsharp cycle coaching (secured in the last few months of the MSc)

Shelagh Robinson – Wellbeing Assistant at Mid Sussex Wellbeing

Daniel Watt – Data Analyst at Nisus Consulting Limited


Before 2013

Matthew Debney – Laboratory Technician at University of Brighton (secured in the last few months following completion); Now Graduate Teaching Assistant: Studentship Scheme – 4 year studentship with PhD (Sheffield Hallam University)

Dan Henchy – Physiologist (Para cycling) at English Institute of Sport

Gareth Turner – Part-time PhD studentship and Physiologist (Athletics) at English Institute of Sport (secured within two years following completion); now Physiologist (rowing) at English Institute of Sport


So, where next for our MSc students?

An MSc in Applied Exercise or Sport Physiology from the University of Brighton helps students to specialise and stand out in today’s competitive job market. It equips students with both the theoretical knowledge and practical skills necessary for a successful career in the worlds of Exercise / Sport Physiology.

The course is ideal preparation for continuing your study at MPhil or PhD level.

Previous graduates have started successful careers with (and more above / below)

  • The EIS (Physiology PhD Studentships; physiologists);
  • NHS (Cardiovascular and physiological clinical trials officer; cardiac technician / physiologist; respiratory physiologist);
  • The University of Brighton (Sport and Exercise Science officer);
  • BUPA (clinical physiologist);
  • Lucazade (Sports scientist);
  • Europeansports, Munich (Performance analysis);
  • Blackberry Orthopaedic Clinic (Health advisor)
  • Bluecrest Health Screening (Health screening specialist)
  • Trainsharp cycle coaching (Lead physiologist)
  • STAPS  in Germany (Exercise Physiologist)
  • Peak Power Sport developmentin the US (High performance strength and conditioning coach)
  • Bluecrest Health Screening (Health Screening Specialist)

By the end of the MSc at Brighton, students gain experience in performing a wide range of cutting-edge laboratory skills, and gain confidence in offering sport and exercise physiology support to athletes, teams, and / or clinical populations. Students will leave our course with a greater understanding of the research process through conducting your own research project.