Prof. Guillaume Millet meets our MSc students

It’s been great to welcome Prof. Guillaume Millet in May this year. Guillaume delivered a keynote on “The study of neuromuscular fatigue in both performance and clinical settings” before meeting our MSc and PhD students the following day for an  “Ask the expert” Workshop.

During the workshop, Guillaume took the time to answer questions related to the study of neuromuscular fatigue, fatigue as a symptome, and the training of the neuromuscular function. With extended experience in conducting research around the world – France, Canada, etc – Guillaume was also happy to share his research experience and offered a few tips to the MSc students interested in postgraduate research studies in the UK or abroad.

During the keynote, Guillaume defined fatigue with a particular focus on the study of neuromuscular fatigue. Guillaume presented some his key findings in both contexts of extreme sport performance and clinical populations and concluded with some research work he was conducting at the time, and offered some insights into the research field in the near future.

Both sessions were very well received – A great experience and opportunity for us all.

Guillaume also visited our labs when MSc students were testing paratriathlete Joe Townsend under the leadership of Dr. Gary Brickley. What a busy week for us all!

Thank you Guillaume.