Visit of the Clinical Imaging Sciences Centre

Our Applied Sport / Exercise Physiology MSc students have visited the Clinical Imaging Sciences Centre this week. The centre is located on the Falmer campus of the University of Sussex, only a 40-min drive from our Eastbourne campus.

During this session, four participants for a PhD study we are currently conducted in our sport and exercise science laboratory lied very still in an MRI scan for around 20 minutes, for a measure of all phosphorus compounds in the vastus medialis. Two of these participants are MSc students on our courses. Each participant had agreed to take a creatine supplement for 6 consecutive days. Our visit to CISC this week was our second visit, i.e. post- supplementation.

Our MSc students were in the control room to witness the procedures. They learned how an MRI scan operates and they were introduced to the measurement of molecules such as inorganic phosphate, phosphocreatine, or ATP within a muscle (the vastus medialis in this instance). Students were also invited to review two research papers recently published in the literature where changes in these metabolites were measured during exercise.

During this visit, our students were exposed to cutting-edge technology, state-in-the-art equipment, and research and innovation in the field of applied sport and exercise physiology.