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Turnitin News: 31st of January 2018 QuickMarks Error

Several staff members have reported seeing an error code when using QuickMarks in the Turnitin Feedback Studio. After the error code is dismissed the Feedback Studio window is subsequently frozen. This is an intermittent issue and when it occurs the only way to resolve it is to close the Feedback Studio window and then re-open the submission again from the inbox.

This issue is affecting several universities and the eLearning team have reported the problem to Turnitin Support.

Please note: this issue has been reported in all major web browsers (IE/Firefox/Chrome/Safari) on both PC and Mac. No reports have been received relating to the use of QuickMarks in the Feedback Studio for iPad app.

Screenshot image showing the error message
How the error looks onscreen

While we await the resolution of this issue, if you encounter this problem, please send the following information to the Service Desk via email.

  1. Which web browser were you using at the time?
  2. What type of computer were you working on? E.g. PC or Mac, at work or at home.
  3. Which module was it? E.g. module code and semester (if applicable)
  4. Which submission point was it? The name of the Turnitin submission point.
  5. What date/time did the problem occur?
  6. [Optional] a screenshot can help to provide evidence for Turnitin Support

Turnitin News: January 2018

11/01/18: Breaking news…Qualitative Rubrics in the Turnitin Feedback Studio for iPad app are now fixed.

The problem affecting the use of qualitative rubrics in the Turnitin Feedback Studio for iPad app, where rubric entries would not save has been resolved. This issue was first reported back in August.

You may now install the update from the Apple iTunes App Store.

Before you update: prior to any update of the app we recommend that you check that any marking that you have completed in the app has synchronised to Turnitin and that your changes are shown in the version of Turnitin accessed via desktop computer through studentcentral. If you are unsure of how to synchronise, please review this guide:

For detailed information about the updated app, you can review the release notes at the following link:

Another fix of note in this upgrade is that special characters are now supported. This should hopefully resolve another issue that was reported where strange subtitute characters were shown in place of certain text characters when a paper had been marked in the app.

Coming soon for students: up to three instant similarity reports prior to a 24hr delay …specifically 16/01/18!

This is a big improvement for our students. At present Turnitin works like a queue system, so any papers which have not been processed for similarity are given preference. What this means is that the first similarity report that students receive is almost instantaneous (typically <10mins to process), however, any subsequent submissions may not receive a fresh similarity report for up to 24 hours. With this update students will be able to get speedy similarity reports for the first three submissions, the fourth re-submission would be subject to the 24 hour delay.

More info…
If the submission point is set to “immediately (can overwrite reports until due date)” students are allowed to re-submit their work as many times as they want prior to the deadline. The final submission put in closest to the deadline then becomes the work that is marked. One of the benefits of selecting this option is that students can submit a draft in order to become more confident using Turnitin and also to review a copy of their similarity report so that they can address any citation issues or unintended source copying.

Turnitin News: December 2017

———–Update on 27/12/17 Maintenance———–

Scheduled TurnitinUK maintenance took place on Weds, 27 Dec (4pm) to Thurs 28 Dec (8.25am). The maintenance window was extended from the originally slated 9 hours, to 19 hours due to technical requirements. All Turnitin services were unavailable during this time period.

Wednesday 27th of December, 16.00 – 01.00: Planned maintenance window, during which time TurnitinUK and Feedback Studio app for iPad will be unavailable. According to information from Turnitin this maintenance window will include work on their internal hardware in order to improve longterm capability and stability of the service.

Saturday 16th of December, 22.37-23.15: TurnitinUK suffered service degradation, which affected the ability to submit work to the system.

Friday 1st of December, 10.00 – 11.00: Users reported temporary issues where Turnitin Feedback Studio froze during marking in Internet Explorer.

These issues can sometimes be resolved by refreshing your web browser. Although the refresh button is not shown at the top-left or right of the address bar in the Turnitin Feedback Studio window, it is still possible to refresh by pressing the Ctrl and “r” keys together on your computer keyboard (Mac: cmd + r). Please note: Mozilla Firefox is the supported web browser for Turnitin and studentcentral at the University of Brighton.

Known Issues – December 2017

There are some ongoing issues with rubrics in Turnitin and the Turnitin app for iPad which we would like to bring to your attention. These issues have been reported to Turnitin and we are awaiting their resolution. These issues can only be resolved by Turnitin as they require the release of updates to the software and the app for iPad.

Rubrics on desktop computers:

  • The problem: the text in longer Learning Outcomes/Criterion (left-hand column) is cut-off and is not scrollable. This issue was initially reported in August and is still being pursued with Turnitin Support. This only affects a small number of modules where the learning outcomes have longer text descriptions in the first column of the rubric.
  • Suggested workaround: keep a paper/electronic copy of the rubric handy, so that you can review the complete text of the learning outcomes if anything is cut off at the bottom of the cell.

Rubrics on the Turnitin for iPad app:

  • The problem: rubric selections/entries made in the iPad app, when using qualitative rubrics (the type used at Falmer schools) are not saving. This issue was also initially reported in August and is still being pursued with Turnitin Support.
  • Suggested workaround: you can complete other aspects of marking, such as: reviewing the similarity report; adding QuickMarks and bubble comments and adding voice comments in the app. We suggest that if you prefer to use the app, make a note of what your rubric entries would be for each paper with a way of identifying the paper (e.g. submission ID) and then enter the mark and the rubric selections on the desktop version of Turnitin in Firefox web browser.We appreciate that this is not ideal, but until Turnitin release an update for the app fixing this issue, we are unable to provide a better workflow. Please keep an eye on your app store updates and when an update is released. We advise that you synchronise any marking that you have done prior to updating the app.
  • If you wish to provide feedback about Turnitin Feedback Studio app, there is an area to do this from within the app.
    Image showing a screenshot from the Turnitin app
    Image showing a screenshot from the Turnitin app

Edublogs having re-direct issues

Edublogs has been having some issues with the creation of new blogs.  The problem was first reported on October 30th, 2017.  This issue had to do with a mistaken institutional-wide installation of a particular plug-in called CoursePress.

The plug-in was disabled for our institution (but allowed for individual blogs).  This seems to have fixed the redirect issue at the time by the morning of the the 30th of October, 2017.

A new re-direct issue has been found today November 10th.  The redirect looks quite similar to the former problem, but is a bit different.

A ticket with CampusPress (our Edublogs provider) has been entered into the system by T.MacNeill at 9:30am on November 10th.  We’re awaiting a response from our service provider.

UPDATE: As of 12 noon on November 10th, 2017 – The page for blog creation is now redirecting correctly.  We are unsure as to the cause of this morning’s re-direct problems.  Please ensure that you clear your browser history, before re-attempting to create a blog.

Turnitin News: October to November

Monday 23rd of October: Turnitin confirmed that the TurnitinUK service was unavailable between 11.37pm to 00.06am

Wednesday 1st of November: Turnitin confirmed that the TurnitinUK service was unavailable between 5.40pm to 6.42pm.

Thursday 2nd of November: Continuing issues with the rubrics in the Turnitin for iPad app are still being actively pursued with Turnitin’s Tier 2 support this week.

Monday 6th of November: Turnitin confirmed that the TurnitinUK service was unavailable between 1:50pm to 2:55pm.

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