Radio programme. Recording hardware

I thought it’ll be a good idea to list the hardware I used when recording my radio programme. Readers might be interested and it will also be a reminder to me.

At home I used a Rode NT2 condenser microphone. This was brought as various reviews suggested it was a good around microphone and particularly suited for interviewing. It was attached to a desk mounted Rode microphone arm. Again bright because of excellent reviews, and specifically as one reviewer stated, you put it into position and it doesn’t move. I have had it mounted to my desk for 6 months with the Rode NT2 and it hasn’t Great investment.

Using a short xor cable, the microphone is plugged in to an Allen and Heath ZEDi8 mixer. This is small having just two xlr inputs with Phantom power (to provide power to the Rode NT2 microphone) and just sits on my desk. The mixer is then connected to my computer via an USB Audio Interface.

When ‘in the field’, I used an Apogee Mic for recording. This is smaller than the Rode NT2 and more portable and can be placed into a small microphone tripod. The sound is not quite as good as the Rode NT2. I also used a portable Sony PCM M10 as a back-up recording device.

There is a balance to be sought, recordings should be made to the highest standard against the availability of equipment. Using the equipment described hear, I feel that balance was achieved. My recordings are clear, recorded to .Wav files at 24bit recording and 48kHz.

Recordings are made in the moment and you never know what they will be used for in the future. They might be broadcasted so make them good!


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