About the REG

The expertise of the Screen Studies Research and Enterprise Group revolves around the collective term ‘screen’, encompassing and consolidating histories of technologies, texts and cultures, from the magic lantern to film, video, television and digital media.

Reflective of the range of media, theories and cultures circulating the screen, ours is a necessarily interdisciplinary collective with expertise encompassing histories and archiving, politics of identities and representation, literature and genre studies, digital gaming and portable media. This REG enjoys a very particular and distinctive knowledge set incorporating the work of film archives in a digital age, histories of the magic lantern, early British film production and exhibition, cinema audience development, and artists’ moving image practice. Additionally the team contains experts on discourses of gender, children’s culture, British television, film and television stardom, cinema in the digital age, horror videogames, science fiction film and TV, animation studies, digital communication and the podcast.

The Group’s distinct identity emerges through its emphasis on media, technologies and histories of the screen. This allows the galvanisation of various research interests around a central site of information, entertainment and communication throughout the twentieth century, and into the twenty-first century, a space of convergence, intertextuality and transmedia overflow. The Screen Studies REG challenges the meaning of contemporary screens and contemporary culture in an every-changing media environment.

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