Book lab space

February to April is the busiest period in the lab, because the dissertation students are recruiting. During this busy period the booking calendar that normally appears here is unavailable.  Please speak to or email Joe or Martina to make bookings, giving as much notice as you can, and at least a day.

When e-mailing about booking, please select one of the psychology technicians as the main addressee, and also copy the other one in. This is to prevent the possibility of double bookings and to ensure you receive the support you need.

The booking calendar will be reinstated in April when the dissertation students have stopped recruiting and pressure on the lab space is less intense. You can view bookings here.

Please note that priority will be given to the Transforming Sexuality and Gender Research cluster in the creative methods lab. If you are in the cluster and need the creative methods lab during a period it is already booked please speak to Joe who will do his best to accommodate your needs.

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