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I’ve just been verbally abused – tell me again how racism played no part in Brexit

Natalie Pitimson, University of Brighton I’ve carried my book bag back and forth to the library three times a week for about two years. I bought it from the Jewish Museum in North London because I liked it. The word “schlep”, written on the side, perfectly describes my regular hour-long trek through central London with…

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How illegal firearms find their way onto British streets despite tough laws

Helen Williamson, University of Brighton How it is possible to get hold of weapons in Britain despite tough laws that restrict their ownership and use? This strict firearm legislation, enacted chiefly through the Firearms Act 1968 and amendments following the 1987 Hungerford mass shooting and 1996 Dunblane mass shoting, has reduced the number of purpose-made…

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Statement from the Vice-Chancellor on the Orlando shootings

Statement from the Vice-Chancellor on the Orlando shootings Source: Statement from the Vice-Chancellor on the Orlando shootings

Head of School news

Apart from the usual University work, April and May have been busy with external activities in a number of areas.  These have included the British Psychological Society Annual Conference in Nottingham,  attending a range of BPS committee meetings,  and a PhD viva in Roehampton. I was re-selected as the chair of the BPS Ethics Committee…

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Staffing updates

In the last two months we welcomed Katie Batchelor and Ciara McDermott to our team of programme administrators and both are off to a flying start!  It’s good news for everyone to have a fully staffed School Office again.   We are entering a very busy recruitment phase and have recently held interviews for new Criminology,…

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