Past events


Date Event details
10 July 2017 Professor Vandewalle and the Critical Velocity Concept
16-18 March 2017 IOC World Conference on Prevention of Injury and Illness in Sport
16 March 2017 ‘Omics’ Professor’s visit to SESAME
14 March 2017 SESAME and Public Health England’s Annual Heatwave Seminar
20 Feb 2017 4Cancer visits SESAME labs
17 Feb 2017 CoSTaLS seminar A Celebration of Research in Cruise Tourism at the School of Sport and Service Management 
November 2016 House of Lords Select Committee presentation
June 2016 Evaluation of quality initiatives in International Volunteering
June 2016 SESAME lab tours for STRAND and PABS
June 2016 SESAME Research retreat
May 2016 Grant Writing Workshop
March 2016 Prize-winning BASES Student Conference
February 2016 Martial Arts Studies: Gender Issues in Theory and Practice
Monthly in 2016 Monthly one-hour sessions for members of SESAME
November 2015 ‘More Badfellas’, The Critical Sociology of Sport and the Downfall of FIFA. 
Autumn 2015 Impact, Sustainability and Legacy
September 2015 A World in Union: Rugby past, present and future
July 2015 Springbok backroom team talk: Sport and Exercise Science
July 2015 Contemporary Perspectives in Tourism and Hospitality Research: Policy, Practice and Performance
June 2015 Examining the ‘Self’ (volunteer) and the ‘Other’ (communities)
June 2015 Institutionalisation and Regulation
May 2015 Annual Journalism Lecture with Clare Balding
April  2015 Sport and Tourism: creating a global dreamland.
April 2015 Mapping the Policy Context. ESRC Seminar Series
March 2015 International Volunteering and the Millennium Development Goals: Making a Difference?
March 2015 How can the study of complex disease inform our understanding of the genetic determinants of sporting performance?
February 2015 ‘Do you hit girls?’ Striking moments in mixed-sex martial arts.
February 2015 Blurred Boundaries of International Volunteering
December 2014 Countdown to the first sub2hr marathon
November 2014 Next generation anti-doping: a fairer future for world-class sport
November 2014 International transdisciplinary seminar on Sport and Protest
October 2014 WALK 500 MILES – BASEM/FSEM Conference
September 2014 Extreme Altitude Preparation Day