Trainee PE teachers learn new alternative team game

PGCE and School Direct Physical Education trainee teachers were introduced to a new innovation when they took part in a Rock-it-ball workshop.

The game of VX (previously known as Rock-it-ball) originated in North Yorkshire in 2006. VX is officially a gender-neutral activity and is best described as a hybrid of lacrosse and dodgeball.

The game has recognised singles (three balls), doubles (four balls) and five-a-side (five balls) formats, but player and ball numbers can be changed to suit indoor space and participant numbers. Continue reading

Values-based Pedagogy through Rugby

Trainee teachers of physical education worked with academic members of staff learning more about how to use values-based pedagogy in physical education which has its origins with the University of Brighton’s pioneering Football and Rugby 4 Peace International programmes.

Trainees experienced a range of rugby-related activities and learnt how to adapt the methodology in different contexts and circumstances. The key emphasis of the values-based model is the teaching and practical application of values such as neutrality; equity and inclusion; respect; trust; and responsibility. Continue reading

Inclusive Workshop for Local School Pupils

PGCE and School Direct Physical Education and Dance students at the School of Sport and Service Management took part in a whole day of inclusive sport and physical activity with pupils from schools in East Sussex.

The emphasis of the day was on equity and inclusion within the secondary school physical education and dance curriculum. The day comprised of activities such as Boccia, sit-down volleyball, parachute games, new-age kurling and goalball as well as Dance activities.

The day was a challenging experience as trainee had to plan for pupils with a range of complex learning needs. Continue reading

Disability Sport Awareness Training

PE and Dance Trainee Teachers took part in disability sport awareness training as part of their induction into their PGCE/School Direct training.

Students learnt more about the games of Boccia, sit-down volleyball, new age kurling, goal ball and parachute games. The emphasis of the day was on equity and inclusion in physical education and the training was designed to help trainees have a secure understanding of how a range of factors can inhibit pupils’ ability to learn, and how best to overcome these. Continue reading

Inclusive PE workshop

PGCE and School Direct trainee Physical Education teachers engaged in a wheelchair basketball workshop at the School of Sport and Service Management as part of their induction to teacher training. The day also consisted of awareness training related to teaching pupils with hearing impairments using sign language and guiding pupils with sight impairments. Continue reading

Trainee teachers get surfing

Trainee Physical Education teachers were introduced to the latest Californian craze amongst children as part of their induction into the PGCE and School Direct Physical Education Teacher Training Programme.

Street Surfing is a combination of skateboarding, surfing and snowboarding on two wheels and is proving to capture the interest of pupils in schools. Continue reading

Trainee PE and Dance Teachers join in Team Building Exercises

PGCE and School Direct Physical Education and Dance trainee teachers came together at the start of their teacher training course on 5 September to take part in a series of team building exercises designed to develop group dynamics and working relationships.

A series of ice-breaking activities were followed by team building games and exercises in small groups in order to develop trust and responsibility. Students then took part in a number of larger group activities designed to promote problem solving and decision making. Continue reading

Trainee PE teachers get to grips with alternative physical activities

New PGCE and School Direct Physical Education trainee teachers began their Initial Teacher Training with an introduction to alternative physical education – this included introductory sessions on how to implement non-contact boxing and the Canadian game of Kinball into the secondary school physical education curriculum.

With more secondary schools moving towards an alternative PE curriculum rather than traditional forms of provision, the PGCE and School Direct PE course now focuses on introducing trainees to the positive benefits of promoting lifestyle activities in order to reach a broader population of pupils and increase participation rates in secondary school PE lessons. Continue reading

A unique coaching experience for PE with QTS student

Third year Physical Education BA(Hons) with QTS student, Jake Hutson, was offered an opportunity to coach professional cricket in Hong Kong – an offer he couldn’t refuse!

Jake Hutson offering feedback to domestic player Jason Lui during a net session.

Due to his extensive experience of the short format, Jake was presented with the opportunity to take on the role of Junior Assistant Coach at one of the five franchises competing at this year’s HKT20 Blitz. With tremendous support from the University of Brighton, Jake was granted two weeks leave to accept the role of what could only be a described as a once in a lifetime opportunity. Continue reading

Alternative Physical Education Documentary Film

A documentary film written and directed by principal lecturer, Dr Gary Stidder, highlights the value of alternative physical education.

The film was made to highlight the teaching and learning of ‘alternative’ physical activities within physical education lessons whilst providing an example of good practice and a way forward for the training of physical education teachers.

The film explores the suitability of ‘alternative’ physical activities and how pupils and physical education teachers responded to the activities they experienced during an alternative physical education day sponsored by The Compact Plus Programme Continue reading