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Two female students demonstrating their combat skills

Engaging with non-contact boxing

Physical Education PGCE and School Direct trainee teachers began their course with an introduction to non-contact boxing and how to implement it into the secondary school physical education curriculum.

Non-contact boxing is increasing in popularity as a means of developing personal fitness and core skills of agility and co-ordination. Combat activities such a boxing where the object is to outwit an opponent provides individuals opportunities to perform movement phases both in attack and defence such as stance, guard, footwork and maintaining balance whilst moving in all directions.

Course leader Dr Gary Stidder said: “The focus of the activities included ways in which teachers of physical education in schools could address the range and content within the physical education curriculum such as outwitting an opponent and exercising safely and effectively. This includes activities in which the concept of success is to overcome an opponent, or opponents, in a face-to-face competition.

“Combat activities such as non-contact boxing can provide situations in which opponents can directly affect each other’s performance and the key is to outwit the opposition just as in other related sports.”

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Kerry Burnett • September 6, 2019

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