Drones in PE

Trainee physical education teachers were introduced to the latest drone technology and shown how they can assist teachers in recording and monitoring pupil progress.

Senior lecturer Kevin Morton at the School of Sport and Service Management demonstrated how to use a drone to PGCE and School Direct PE trainee teachers in the context of a large scale orienteering race where satellite technology and GPS can track whole groups and individuals as they compete against each other to complete an orienteering course within the confines of the school grounds.

Kevin said: “‘Drone technology is not a new thing, but the capabilities are always improving and a high level of safety is now built into the kit. It may not be on the top of a school’s financial agenda, but there are a number of uses for drones in education.

“The quality of video is superb and it adds another dimension to any film created, whether it is demonstrating the student’s performance, or the facilities onsite. In PE, formations of play can be recorded from up high, then viewed and analysed, with fantastic aerial video and picture quality. Students can really gain an advanced appreciation for set plays, tactics and movement within game play, or observe running technique around a track in an active follow mode.”

PGCE and School Direct route leader for Physical Education, Dr Gary Stidder said: “Potentially the use of drone technology to film and take arial photographs is one way to enhance the learning experience in PE. Equally, it gives PE teachers the advantage of monitoring all their pupils at once from a central location which is ideal for an orienteering event.”


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