Photography and Collage material

I had a disposable camera that had half the film used up, half with photos I had taken in London of the journey in question I wanted to depict in the zine, I decided to fill the rest of the camera with imagery from train stations and other landmarks on the journey. I thought these photos would not only be good to feature in the zine but also a good premise to draw from.

Journey Part 1 – project aims

As I was not going on the Newyork or Barcelona trips, I was a little worried that the imagery ect.. in the zines I would make would not be as interesting as everyone elses , despite this; rather than making my zines about a specific location or journey, I set out the aim of the project to address a current metaphorical journey of my own. (lol this is me saying I’m basically making more art about a break up). I wanted to combine and explore a literal and metaphorical journey in this zine. For the literal side of the journey I wanted to depict the weekly journey I would make to London to see my ex boyfriend, and the interest I have in travelling to London, as I am from a small rural market town in the midlands, I would always associate travelling via trains (or any means of transport really) very exiting, as for me getting on a train would always mean escaping a boring town I very much hated living in. This is why I decided to call the zine ”Escaping the Cave”, which is of course also a reference to (Philosopher) Plato’s dialogue of ‘The republic’ in which he outlines the analogy of the cave. Plato’s Cave is essentially a metaphor to explain how Plato believed human empiricism is flawed, and how the world we reside in is a mere shadow of the truth that is supposedly in ‘The realm of forms’, which in his analogy is outside the cave. I thought this was a good metaphorical association with the current journey I wanted to depict in the zine, as I wanted to explore how I had experienced a similar period of enlightenment after the relationship break up, and how sometimes our judgement of things can be flawed by our sensory knowledge.

Memories – Struggling to start…

Upon recieving the brief to the vertical project on memories I felt a little reluctant to start the project. because of recent events concerning a bad break up (lol) I didn’t really feel like making work about what I had experienced (or making work about anything at all really). Despite this I decided to look into other areas; memories of childhood for example, my aims for the project was to also try and visualise the characteristics of what a memory actually is and look at the concept more deeply.

Final Composition of The Garden Of Evolution – Reflective outlook on the project

I was overall very pleased with the final outcome to the explain project. I believe that I managed to translate my exact vision of what Evolution looks like in my head on paper, and convey to an audience that evolution doesn’t just have to be scientific, and that is one of many things, Evolution is personal growth, its looking back and learning to accept what happened and even though this is a slow and painful process it is learning that you can grow and evolve, and past experiences don’t have to define you, its a journey of realisation.

I was pleased with the overall aesthetic of the A1 piece, and was happy to leave the whole drawing as monochromatic as I think it added to the diagramatic quality that I wanted to covey in the piece.

Diagrams of Evolution

I decided I wanted to add an element of pseudo science to the drawing; which is how I formed these ‘diagrams of evolution’. I wanted these nonsensical diagrams to add to the unconceivable nature of non-physical evolution, I wanted them to show how self evolution cannot be measured or even perceived by outsiders to anyone but ones self, as self evolution is relative to everyone, and is an abstract concept that is hard to visualise.

Adding image and hand lettered type, to create a sense of ‘Self’ Evolution

To pair with the ink drawings of the natural imagery that was the start of ”The Garden of Evolution” I wanted to convey the idea of Evolution not only being a physical thing but as a non-physical cycle that everyone goes through; I wanted to re-touch on the thoughts I had had about a change of perception being crucial in self evolution (for example hypothetically if you had came out of a long term detrimental relationship, the stages one would go though in realising that they had now realised the detrimental qualities of the relationship and realising how one could grow and ‘self evolve’ after this epiphany of change in perception and self realisation) I decided to keep the natural imagery, and more abstract mark making of the circles, as It adds to the conventional semantics of a broader term of ‘Evolution’, however I decided to envision myself in these drawings, as a vehicle to convey the personal sense of Evolution I wanted to explain. I also used hand lettered typography to add to the drawings, with some of the words I had came across when researching the more philosophical side of Evolution, and Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason.