Adding image and hand lettered type, to create a sense of ‘Self’ Evolution

To pair with the ink drawings of the natural imagery that was the start of ”The Garden of Evolution” I wanted to convey the idea of Evolution not only being a physical thing but as a non-physical cycle that everyone goes through; I wanted to re-touch on the thoughts I had had about a change of perception being crucial in self evolution (for example hypothetically if you had came out of a long term detrimental relationship, the stages one would go though in realising that they had now realised the detrimental qualities of the relationship and realising how one could grow and ‘self evolve’ after this epiphany of change in perception and self realisation) I decided to keep the natural imagery, and more abstract mark making of the circles, as It adds to the conventional semantics of a broader term of ‘Evolution’, however I decided to envision myself in these drawings, as a vehicle to convey the personal sense of Evolution I wanted to explain. I also used hand lettered typography to add to the drawings, with some of the words I had came across when researching the more philosophical side of Evolution, and Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason.

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