Investigating Constructivism

For the next part of the project, I wanted to look more into a philosophical concept I had read about in the past. This concept is called ‘Constructivism’, and primarily is about how people learn. Advocates of Constructivism would denounce that Knowledge of anything is innate, and beleive that all knowledge is learnt. Theorists such as Pigaget talk about how if all knowledge is learnt through experience, society can be socially conditioned to all believe or learn the same thing. For example, most of the population are taught the same things at school and thus will learn the same thing. This concept also links quite well to the concept of a microcosm as you could take small situations that relate to constructivism – like the mainstream education system and say that this is a microcosm for how society is ‘Constructed’ – we learn the majority of our knowledge from authority figures, like teachers in school. When visually representing these ideas, I decided to stick with the repeat patterns I had made, as I thought it tied into the idea that we are socially conditioned to see the same things, that make a construct of our knowledge.

I wanted to look more at the concept of authority figures constructing our notion of knowledge for us so I produced a fine liner illustration depicting myself controlling a world, using the repeat patterns as a background.