Let There Be Light : Initial Thouhts / Keeping an open mind

My initial thoughts upon receiving a brief based on photography was panic. I’ve never really ventured into the realms of photography before, I’m dyslexic and I find picking up new technical skills very challenging, I also find working in groups challenging sometimes as its hard to keep communicating with new people. However the positives of working in a group for this project could be that others in the group where familiar in using photography equipment, thus this is an opertunity for me to learn from others. We where told to keep an open mind about the project, however after my studio induction to using the cameras and lighting equipment, I felt very overwhealmed with a whole new vocabuary of camera setting and lighting terms, and I felt like a bit of an idiot having to keep asking the tutors running the induction to repeat how to use each piece of equipment. Despite this I contined to brainstorm ideas, to contribute to the group project and for my own personal side of the project.