KOI BIRD is a concept store which changes its branding on Instagram and even it’s store decor when the season changes. It started this year and has really inspired my current thought process on marketing my brand. I enjoy the colourful imaging and how everything is very product led. 


Wear The Walk, is a clothing rental service which I have recently used. I really enjoy the concept of the company as they use new and interesting designers fresh from “fashion scout’s” runway. The clothes are very unique and for someone interested in future trends and stepping outside their comfort zone. I feel as though their branding could be more vibrant and relate to the designers which they are providing, clothing rental is something which has sparked ideas for my final major project.


ASOS is one of the largest online retail stores and holds over 850 brands, which attract various age ranges, Trekstock’s target market is from 20-30 years old. Usually working professionals without time to go to the shops and young fashion forward people constantly looking at what’s new on Asos’ homepage. Asos’s popularity and accessibility is a key reason why Trekstock would benefit from being on the website. I propose an Asos X Trekstock week with exclusive Trekstock active wear on the Asos website for one week to raise money and awareness for the cause. T-shirts would be available for £16 and 30% of the proceeds would go to Trekstock. Topshop and whistles have on going charity campaigns and Asos as one of the leading online retailers needs to have a charity motif within the website. Also, Asos uses often does promotions and brand deals for just one week to keep the brand fresh and exciting, more people would be willing to donate if they knew the clothing was only available for a short amount of time. Overall Trekstock’s identity is about keeping fit and positive whilst people are suffering from cancer, active wear reinforces this idea whilst the Asos brand gives vitality and youth to the Trekstock brand.

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