Blow Up!

This 1966 film has a desirable aesthetic, the film stills reflect what I would like my images to look like. To reflect the relationship between model and camera. 

Vanessa Beecroft

I find Beecroft’s work very raw and a true representation of how women see themselves, her self portrait blow mirrors the uniformity pictures I had research in an earlier post. I want to do a project on body dysmorphia as myself and lots of people I know suffer with it.

VB 35, Performance @ Guggenheim Museum, NY 1998


“The aim of this National Student Competition in association with i-D Magazine, sponsored by Succeed Foundation and supported by Graduate Fashion Week and Arts Thread, is to empower the next generation of creatives, from design, film, photography and journalism to create a fashion future that promotes a broader range of body and beauty ideals to truly celebrate individuality.”

Fashion & Uniformity- 

I first looked at model castings and how models are just a fave in the eyes of the casting agent, also the positions of the legs and how they are made to look as slender as possible.


Layla Harris is from First Model Management and I organised to use her for the main editorial shoot as she has quite a glam rock look.

Gabrielle Gopie- Gabrielle I scouted in the street, I thought she was perfect for the Monki shoot because her hair and doll like features bring fun to the shoot, which is what Monki is all about.

Robbie Crace was also someone I scouted on the street, he is very masculine looking and fitted perfectly for the shoot with Layla.

launch party

Rhyder Ripps Rhyzome^ This will be the tool to display the tinder stories we collect at the launch party. So it will be a very live interactive event.


Green Door store Brighton- will be the venue of the party a small hipster venue perfect for artsy magazine events.