At the moment I am categorising the images into stories as I edit them, as the shoot was on a grey day the images have come out quite cool toned which I think has really worked for this set of images. My editing is not perfect however I do not want the images to look too commercial and sleek, I like the imperfections in the skin and hair to show.


initial photoshoot edits

Overall this shoot on the 21/2/19 went well, it was in the daylight studio which I mentioned in my previous post, the light started getting darker on these photos which was the last look I shot. As you can see the background is more grey than the others so this set of photos could potentially be their own story.


Styling Shoot 2

As I am continuing the project I am realising it is difficult to style a clothing rental company photoshoot as I want to translate how each and every product has its own personality, I aim to build the photoshoot story around the product rather than the model or the brand identity. Below is the initial styling and colour mood board for my second shoot coming up, it carries on from my first product shoot seen below.

Shona Heath

From my crit with Dani, she suggested Shona Heath as a reference to my work, I really enjoy the colour palettes and set design in these shoots. I have been scouting out locations and am struggling to find slightly derelict locations like this, however, a simple daylight studio with decoration could give a similar effect.


Anna Trevelyan, Camper

During my tutorial with Daniela today, she suggested three very relevant artists to me which really relate to my FMP and have given me ideas for future shoots for the project. Anna Trevelyan’s Camper campaign really brings out the personality and details in the shoes into the human. This is something I want to recreate in a shoot to really emphasise products in the clothing rental company rather than emphasising the model.