Category: Portfolio Project

Final portfolio

Overall I am very happy about the folder I found for my portfolio, I think the leather really ties in with my front cover image as it matches the black highlighter lid and sole of the shoes. I wanted to keep the CV design minimal and on one page as I wanted the portfolio images to be the main focus, the clipboard feature is also quite unique and looks very pleasing to the eye.

Portfolio ideas

The artist’s above have been the main inspirations which I have looked at for my portfolio research. I was mainly looking at how to layout the portfolio and what to put the portfolio in as I didn’t want to choose just a box or ring binder. The cork folder which Manan Gabriels uses is what the idea behind my folder came from, as I wanted my work to be interchangeable. Colour themes were also important to me, all of these portfolios have a pastel palette with accents of brighter colors which really compliment their work.

Portfolio creation/website

For my portfolio, I am deciding to print it as single pages as I found when looking at placement opportunities I wanted to chop and change my portfolio all the time. The image below is going to be the front cover, the background colour and font is a recurring look for all of my portfolio work including my website which is As I am looking through my previous work I prefer a lot of my current work to anything else I have done, also I am not sure quite where it fits in terms of PR or imaging. My tutors advised me that it can fall into both categories.

Portfolio research,

I particularly like the idea of putting my portfolio in a cork binder, I have been looking for similar ones online however I am struggling to find one. I really like how simple it looks and his use of different paper size.