Rental in the media page

I wanted to put this page in the sustainability section of the website to show people new to renting how innovative DRESSD is. I would like to present these facts at our graduate exhibition to explain why rental is so current and revolutionary.

Color Me Lurid

Georgie Smith, creator of the Color Me Lurid Instagram page, blends astrology with high fashion. According to Hunger Magazine, she relates a lot to the Surrealist movement of the 1920-30s. This movement is a big inspiration in my own work. I enjoy the colour palettes and futuristic elements of her work.


Website Creation

I wanted to make this website design as clear as possible many successful websites like ASOS, Misguided and Topshop have very simple website designs which I think works well in translating a retailer with many different styles of clothing. At the moment I have not made a website for the company as most companies which start on Instagram build up to a website, also I am not selling anything at the moment so it would make more sense to visually build up the brand on Instagram first. Also, there is a direct link to the Instagram at the bottom of the page to direct audiences to the main source of information.

Current instagram page

As Instagram is the main form of communication and promotion for the company I am trying to make it as interactive as possible. It is a visual platform so I included inspiration images which are from brands which you can rent from ‘dressd’. Also showing what is new to rent is the main objective for the page so then customers can decide what they want to rent for the next month.

Ski Photos

I took these images on my recent ski holiday, I would like to use them for collage as I have seen many artists do this such as Sarah Eisenlohr. At this point, I am a bit stuck as my dolls house shoot didn’t go so well and my illustration skills are not the best. However, I am hoping my use of collage will help my progression in the project.


Antonio Lopez

After my meeting today with Daniella, she suggested adding illustrations to my work as most of my content is already created. Antonio Lopez’ work is something I have always admired, it fits my 80’s styling and use of colour blocking. I love the repetitive silhouette in the first image, I want illustration to be part of my FMP but not take over.

Alexander Block

This is still life version of Anna Trevelyan’s work, which I would hope to recreate in the dolls house shoot, the dolls house will reflect the colour of the objects I am putting around it. At the moment I am trying to visualize the products I have for the shoot and how they correlate with each room in the doll house.




Y closet is a Chinese brand which I have previously looked at in my business project. I like the use of props and how each image is square like an Instagram format. Also the idea of not having a face in the photos really suit the project as its rental, so the focus is on the clothing not the person.