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Blow Up!

This 1966 film has a desirable aesthetic, the film stills reflect what I would like my images to look like. To reflect the relationship between model and camera. 

Vanessa Beecroft

I find Beecroft’s work very raw and a true representation of how women see themselves, her self portrait blow mirrors the uniformity pictures I had research in an earlier post. I want to do a project on body dysmorphia as myself and lots of people I know suffer with it.

VB 35, Performance @ Guggenheim Museum, NY 1998


“The aim of this National Student Competition in association with i-D Magazine, sponsored by Succeed Foundation and supported by Graduate Fashion Week and Arts Thread, is to empower the next generation of creatives, from design, film, photography and journalism to create a fashion future that promotes a broader range of body and beauty ideals to truly celebrate individuality.”

Fashion & Uniformity- 

I first looked at model castings and how models are just a fave in the eyes of the casting agent, also the positions of the legs and how they are made to look as slender as possible.