Category: AD394 Research project

We Chat Marketing Campaign Y-Closet

This campaign was to explain to Y-Closet’s customers how the clothes are dry cleaned. I found this very interesting because from my survey people’s main concern with clothing rental was the cleanliness of the clothing. This advert was displayed on WeChat which is a very popular social media chat service in Asia, they used a popular Asian influencer to talk about the process and gain customer’s trust.




As I am interested in creating a clothing rental company I thought I  would look at popular pay per month services and the way they brand. The Netflix campaign was displayed on digital posters and reacted to the weather at the time. So when it was raining it played a scene from a Netflix TV show or Flim as a real-time reaction advert. The Spotify campaign also uses real-time facts to relate to its audience and create humour, which is something I want my brand to do.



KOI BIRD is a concept store which changes its branding on Instagram and even it’s store decor when the season changes. It started this year and has really inspired my current thought process on marketing my brand. I enjoy the colourful imaging and how everything is very product led. 


Wear The Walk, is a clothing rental service which I have recently used. I really enjoy the concept of the company as they use new and interesting designers fresh from “fashion scout’s” runway. The clothes are very unique and for someone interested in future trends and stepping outside their comfort zone. I feel as though their branding could be more vibrant and relate to the designers which they are providing, clothing rental is something which has sparked ideas for my final major project.