AD135, Revisiting rationale.

On reflection, my statement of intent is still accurate to what I have produced in my final outcome. There is a gap in the market for clothing rental aimed at young people, websites such as Missguided and Asos are forefronts of online shopping, I wanted to replicate this in a clothing rental company. I did not highlight the gap in the market in my statement of intent, I focused more on who will buy into it and how I wanted it to look. Imaging and the overall look of the company have been a main component of the final outcome as I wanted it to be Instagram based, which is what I had intended. However, in my statement of intent, I aimed for some of the content to be seasonally appropriate, but I realised this was not possible when building a brand from nothing, I preferred creating the overall aesthetic than seasonal content. The image content created for my final outcomes are focused on the styling and products, which I did not note in my original statement of intent, I made personalities out of every product and look which I styled. For example, the neon shoes with the highlighter image was a playful creative way of shooting so the audience can see the company is quite innovative, which relates to the sustainable aspect. The clothing looks were styled and shot by me which allowed me to create personalities out of each look, each look was very individual and had an occasion in mind, which allowed me to categorise them and think about who the audience is. Many rental companies focus on where the audience is going for the clothing categories something which I did not touch on in my first statement of intent.

Sustainability and the future of Rental.

In my statement of intent, I showed the “fashioned from nature exhibition” which gave me ideas on how to present the issue of sustainability in fashion. I didn’t want a rebellious side to my company which is heavily featured in this exhibition, however, I did want to Homention in the rental company facts and figures on what fashion is doing to the environment. On my website design, there is a tab focused on sustainability and what the media says about clothing rental, also on the Instagram page there is a story called “about dressd” how the company is helping the environment whilst being a trendy fashion platform.

WGSN was a very helpful source when predicting how clothing rental will evolve in the next few years in my original statement of intent WGSN said in their shopper forecast 2018 “shoppers today are becoming “less interested in owning items and more invested in experiences”. Now looking at WGSN rental is slowly featuring in more articles, in their “Big ideas 2021 Womenswear” there is a feature on “consider the rise of rental” which talks about the Y-Closet’s success in Beijing, a company which I have researched in depth. The article also notes “Retail rental exemplifies the concept of using what’s already available and sharing it with others.” Platforms like Depop and resale retail will become a big trend before rental, however, WGSN notes sustainability being a lifestyle not just a buzz word, therefore, the rise of the rental will correlate with the sustainable buying trends.

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