Overall I found this project very interesting as I got to play around with photography, despite my worries in using my DSLR camera. My model helped me set up the camera and from there I took the images, some were blurred however that was the desired effect because of the Francesca Woodman inspiration. I believe the images turned out very strong and good enough to submit as a photography piece. I have made posters out of the images replicating a shattered mirror, this translates my style of work more and the message I want to get across.

The message is around body dysmorphia, I have suffered from body dysmorphia like most women and wanted to translate the emotion one can feel looking into their reflection. The images I took of the model holding, leaning and surrounded by mirrors translate the feeling of the constant body image worries of young women today. This is created by the fashion industry as the perfect woman is seen to be a specific measurement. My model is a UK 16, which is the average size in the UK, I did not want my project to be about plus size models, as it would detract from the message. I wanted to depict the average woman in a very casual outfit feeling an emotion towards her reflection. The posters I have created zoom in on her features with shards as cut outs of the photos. The close ups create an intimate feeling whilst the shards project the cut-throat fashion industry where the average woman is not represented. The hot pink included in the posters came from the theme of Diversity Now’s website, I wanted to relate it to the competition and add a harsh colour to contrast the black and white tones. Research into photographers, artists and film really helped me create a deep piece, which I could relate to. Overall I took to this project quite easily as I had a lot of opinions and ideas around body image diversity, I am not sure if the final posters are quite perfect yet however I would like to see which one is the best if I am considered for the competition.

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