vertical project brief and presentations – 13-02-17

We were briefed on the vertical project today. Our task is to work individually or collaborate with other graphics/illustration students to visually portray a vivid memory. I really enjoy the topic of memory so I was excited when given this area to explore. A few memories came to my mind that I thought I could explore which have always stood out to me as vivid and the only few I remember from my childhood. But after talking to fellow classmates, I decided to collaborate with Holly and Jonny, who are both doing illustration. I’m really interested in a more illustrative approach at the moment, so I think I should take up the opportunity to collaborate with illustrators when possible. We brainstormed and have decided to focus on embarrassing stories. After a lot of ideas including film, animation, illustration and loads more, we have decided to create a series of zines based on embarrassing stories that we are going to collect through interviewing people. We want to film these interviews and potentially use them to create, or reference in order to make a film. This all depends on whether or not we finish our zines in time for crit. We want to add lots of layers in order to emphasise the fact that memories are different for each individual, we will never be able to imagine a memory in exactly the same way they remember it. The way in which we want to add these layers is by firstly someone telling their story, then someone else write down their version of how they interpret their memory, and then another person will illustrate that memory and create the zine for it. I’m excited to get started!

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