etching – 05-02-17

Today I carried out the etching workshop. I had previously done etching during my art foundation but it was using cardboard rather than metal, but I was introduced to chine-colle and a lot of the steps were the same. The skills I picked up were to do with hard and soft ground, how to apply them and etch into them, and what different textures I can produce on each of the grounds. Also the process of prepping and putting the plate in acid and how to correctly clean off the acid to show the finished etch.

I decided to create 2 plates to tie in with my explain project. Firstly with hard ground I created a background for one of my pages. Secondly I used the soft ground to do an outline drawing of ice cube. I wasn’t mega happy about the outcomes, I feel I could have created something a lot nicer but it was interesting to learn from my mistakes. The soft ground is extremely easy to mark, so I ended up having a lot of weird marks that I hadn’t planned on my plate which ended up on my plate.

I really enjoyed the process of etching, the speed of it really appeals to me. Here is an image of one of my final plates.

Esther Cox workshop – 20-02-17

On Monday we had a presentation from Esther Cox. I really enjoy her work and love the simple, textured pieces she produces. It was really helpful to learn how she works within industry and the difference between her “bread and butter” work and her more specific, personal work. It encouraged me to produce ‘stuff’ just for the sake of it, so that I can use it in future projects, and to experiment with things such as wax resist and adobe illustrator.

Esther then ran a little workshop which I signed up for, and it was based around drawing from memory. We began by having a look at a collection of items Esther collected and placed on a table, and were asked to memorise as many as we could. I surprisingly remembered more than I expected! We were then asked to draw one of the objects in a few different ways. First what it looks like, then what it feels like, and finally what it smells like. It was so interesting to explore drawing from different senses other than just sight, and how different marks can represent different feelings. Here is the sketchbook page I created from the short but sweet workshop.

story telling workshop with Matt – 16-02-17

We did a workshop with Matt based around story telling and vaguely tied memories in with that. It was really fun but out of my comfort zone as we had to do some drama related exercises, but it was good to interact with some of the 2nd year students.We started by playing a shouting game where we had to shout about our favourite place in Brighton/strangest person we’ve seen in Brighton across the room to someone we don’t know and see how much we could learn about them. It was interesting to say the least, and I now have some new places to visit! Another thing we did was create a map of Brighton on which we drew different memories on parts of the map. We gathered stories in a really fun, clever way. We all sat in an outward circle, and were given a name each, which was random and made up. We were then given all of the made up names of everyone in the room and asked to write letters to each other including funny/weird/gross/random memories from Brighton. It was so much fun because everyone was completely oblivious to who each made up name belonged to so we would strike up these random relationships with people and learn lots about them without actually having a clue who you were writing to. At the end the mystery was revealed and we found out who we had been corresponding with, which was amusing. I would love to experiment with this technique again. The map was really fun and looked great with everyones individual illustrative styles. Here are some snippets of the map:

blue screen workshop – 21-02-17

Today I carried out the blue screen workshop. It was really fun to play around with the screen and just get something really simple created in the time frame of a day. I feel like if we had more time actually using the screen, we could have created something a bit more technical and seamless, but I kind of enjoy the haphazard, lo-fi end result that we ended up with. I ended up working in a group with 8 other students and we found it kind of difficult initially to think of an idea that we wanted to roll with. We were given the theme of fake memories but we didn’t really want to go down a political route or deep satire, we wanted to keep it kind of weird and jokey. We were inspired by a video made by the previous year in which they had gone and filmed aldi for their background, so this got us thinking about memories in which supermarkets were involved. We started talking about having our heads as floating objects on the screen, but decided to give them a slight purpose rather than just floating things, so we decided to plan a narrative in which these floating heads were actually fruit being purchased in a shop. After brainstorming a few ideas, including potentially having a bag of heads split and fall onto the ground, and having the heads rolling around the supermarket, we realised these ideas weren’t that realistic and would look kind of shitty so decided on just having someone buy the heads, eat them and then have a trippy experience due to the side effects of these weird head fruits. All in all the outcome is pretty random but it was really fun to play around and make something slightly off topic but kind of relevant…

lithography – 10-02-17 / 17-02-17

Over the past two fridays I have completed the lithography workshop. Week one we created our plates. I was interested in the examples shown of photographs that had been printed so I decided to do a print of me, my brother and my grandma, because I thought it could link it to my memories project.

The speed of creating the plates was impressively fast, which is something that I can see attracting me to this technique in the future in circumstances where I wish to churn out a lot of prints in a smaller time frame. Also the range of textures that can be created using this technique is really impressive. Jane kindly made a mock up print go different textures we could create and what she had used to create them (i’ve inserted a picture at the bottom of the post).

I really enjoyed the process of lithography printing, the press was really satisfying to use and it was really fun to see the ink transfer from the plate to the roller to the paper. There are a lot of steps to remember for example keeping the plate damp whilst inking, but I love that if you make a mistake whilst inking its quite easily rectifiable.

Overall this printing process was really fun and I will definitely keep it in mind for future projects.

Here are some images of my process and final image.

kyle bean tutorial – 20-02-17

I just finished my group tutorial with Kyle Bean, and it was a useful experience. I really like his work so was keen to get some feedback from him. We explained the ideas we have regarding the memory project and Kyle gave us some great feedback on our layering/chinese whispers type vision. He really enjoyed our concept but whilst explaining the final product Kyle pointed out that the way we wished to present our zine would not highlight the fact that we  had incorporated different layers. We spoke about ways around this including simply stating on the front cover who’s memory it was (anonymous), who interpreted the story in words, and who finally created their interpretation with a zine, or potentially having a video or voiceover to accompany the zine.

We also spoke briefly about our ideas around creating a film, but it emphasised the fact that we won’t be able to create it in the time we have. But I am definitely interested in continuing and exploring the theme of memory and creating different variations of film/stop animation involving both my illustrations and video interviews, after the initial crit on friday.

The steps we are going to take now will be to illustrate the stories that have been given to us after the process of video recording and then writing in story form by another individual.

vertical project brief and presentations – 13-02-17

We were briefed on the vertical project today. Our task is to work individually or collaborate with other graphics/illustration students to visually portray a vivid memory. I really enjoy the topic of memory so I was excited when given this area to explore. A few memories came to my mind that I thought I could explore which have always stood out to me as vivid and the only few I remember from my childhood. But after talking to fellow classmates, I decided to collaborate with Holly and Jonny, who are both doing illustration. I’m really interested in a more illustrative approach at the moment, so I think I should take up the opportunity to collaborate with illustrators when possible. We brainstormed and have decided to focus on embarrassing stories. After a lot of ideas including film, animation, illustration and loads more, we have decided to create a series of zines based on embarrassing stories that we are going to collect through interviewing people. We want to film these interviews and potentially use them to create, or reference in order to make a film. This all depends on whether or not we finish our zines in time for crit. We want to add lots of layers in order to emphasise the fact that memories are different for each individual, we will never be able to imagine a memory in exactly the same way they remember it. The way in which we want to add these layers is by firstly someone telling their story, then someone else write down their version of how they interpret their memory, and then another person will illustrate that memory and create the zine for it. I’m excited to get started!

inspiration / fun things – 06-02-17

Here is another list of some of the stuff I have found interesting/inspiring over the last month that I think is worth others having a look at!…

1. Lily Jacobs – girl at autschwitz who found an album with pictures of Jews being taken off the train and selected and she recognised her family and even herself – raw, real, shocking images.

2. A selection of Simpsons scenes that are aesthetically pleasing, good colour pallet and thought and detailing has gone into every thing. I love that it’s really simple stuff that you wouldn’t necessarily associate with the Simpsons if you saw these images out of context.

3. LOVELY DESIGN!!!! Some branding for an eyewear company with a lovely colour pallet and simple design that is so aesthetically pleasing.

4. Really cute, sweet idea to cheer up Sheffield children hospital, using some really simple and eye-catching design.

5. Yay galentines!!! I love gals celebrating each other, and these cute little illustrations are a great way of sharing the love for each other!

explain crit – 06-02-17

I just had my crit for the explain project and I found it really useful. I think I stressed a bit too much about not having finished the other half of the project, but we only really went through one part each anyway. I realised how useful crits are in terms of inspiration and gaging ideas. Its really fun and exciting to see how everyone else has interpreted the brief and what platforms they have decided to use to produce and present their work. Its also really valuable to have opinions of people in the same boat as you.

My ice cube zine went down quite well and I received some useful feedback. A lot of people agreed that my zine would work better in a bigger format, in order to allow the information to be spread between a few pages rather than everything about one lyric on one page. This would make it a lot more readable and the images can be enjoyed separately to the text. Someone mentioned that although they liked the concept and illustrations, ice cube and his story and meaning behind the song is big and bold that it should be shown in a bigger size, and I agree. I’d really like to explore book arts and see what the best way to bind a larger book would be, or if a larger printed zine would work at all.

film processing – 2-2-17

Today I carried out the film processing workshop. We didn’t have any film so we hired out a camera and took some really quick images in between our lecture, seminar and start of the workshop. Last time I used a film camera was about 4 years ago when I first started my Photography A-level, and I don’t really remember it that well. I definitely didn’t process my own film so this was a completely new experience for me.

The technician Kirsty is really lovely and made it really easy to follow the steps. We were given a sheet that talked us through the steps, and this will be good to read back when it comes to processing my own films in the future so I don’t forget any small but vital points.

The Process was quite lengthy but I love clear, step by step processes so this was enjoyable for me. I love knowing that the final developed images will be images I have taken, processed and then developed so Im keen to get back into the dark room and develop the images in the near future.

I think the photography based workshops have been the ones I have enjoyed the most, so its encouraging me to play around with film photography in the future. Another thing that is encouraging me to explore film photography is a youtube channel I found called “Negative Feedback” (didn’t understand the pun/meaning until now ha). Its a channel dedicated to film photography and has alot of really useful information about different films, cameras and shooting in various locations – basically anything you’d like to know about photography, especially regarding to film photography! Plus their channel has really cool graphics, which I like alot, so thats a bonus. Here is a link to the channel, I highly recommend it:

I will be sure to post the final images on my blog when I have developed them!