Character Writing

The setting sun fills the kitchen with an orange tint.
A girl with black hair aged around 19 (Maria) walks into the kitchen.
She puts her bag on the kitchen table and walks over to the sink.
She looks down into the sink. It is blocked to the point of overflowing.
This is it Maria, you’ve taken this shit for too long now.
You’re finally going to make a stand. You’re going to stand up for yourself because this has gone too far now. I mean, how difficult is it to unblock a sink? It’s not rocket science. That bitch Sasha has got away with this too long now… It is getting out of hand.
Maria takes another breath while looming over the disgusting sink.
It is now or never Maria… She will never learn otherwise…
Maria looks over to her right where a tonne of used plates and pans have been left out, still covered in different sauces and bits of food.
Got to talk to Henry about actually doing his bloody washing up as well, it’s absolutely disgusting.
Can’t wait until I move out from this Hellhole.
Maria turns around to pick up her bag from the table and go to her room.
She turns to see Sasha and Henry sat on the sofa on the other side of the kitchen who have heard everything Maria had just said to herself.
They stare at Maria.
Maria stares back at them.
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