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Screenplay 1 Idea

Screenplays Draft Dialogue INT – ON JOB LOCATION – AFTERNOON Opening scene starts with the door smashed open, multiple over exaggerated shots of the wrecked door. – The 2 characters (main – Jennifer) (second – Georgia) spot the bad guy… Continue Reading →

Short Video

This Short video sequence shows the simplistic car journey of going to a beach, the video shows three shots of the car driving to the destination with some panning effects to make the viewer know whats going on, after it… Continue Reading →

Movie Blogs

Wolf of Wall Street The Wolf of Wall Street movie is a fun, exiting charismatic film, it is a relatively long film lasting up to 3 hours but it is well paced, as you watch the film it doesn’t feel… Continue Reading →


Mis en scene Mis en scene is the arrangement everything which will end up on the or screen when played back such as the actors, lighting, props, costumes and more. In simple terms “Mis en scene” means the placing on… Continue Reading →

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