Welcome to the online archive Refugee Histories from the Margins. This is an educational site, produced by undergraduate students as part of their learning journey. For outside visitors the site offers pools of primary and scholar sources, and an insight as to how the task of an online archive on refugee histories has been approached by our students.



The archive contains a variety of primary, and secondary sources on various thematic categories relating to contemporary refugee histories. Among our sources you will find: interviews and witness accounts, new articles, photographs and videos, documentaries, databases and scholar sources.
Our aim is to gradually build, year by year, an archive of resources covering a wide range of refugee histories.



All historians working on refugee histories (e.g. Kushner and Knox, Gatrell, Marfleet) stress how refugees are constantly erased from the historical record. Refugees make us feel collectively uncomfortable. They remind us of our privileges and they expose our contradictions. We seem not to know how to handle them.

The aim of Radical History is to address political imbalances, social injustices, and to bring to the surface the lives of the hitherto marginalised. Telling the histories of the refugees is not a kind gesture of inclusion towards the refugees. It is our duty to ourselves.



The Refugee Histories archive is produced and updated every year by undergraduate students of the module ‘HC589. Back from the Margins: Writing the Histories of the Excluded and the Forgotten’, which is part of the Radical Histories teaching pathway, offered by the Contemporary History BA at the University of Brighton.

The archive started in 2021. The first three topics we covered were:

  • Moral Panics about Refugees and Social Welfare – Media and Politics. Prepared by Joanne and Grace.
  • LGBT refugees from Africa. Prepared by Sean, Nell, and Luke.
  • Women Refugee experiences. Prepared by Amelia, Zayb and Hanna.

For enquiries contact Dr. Eugene Michail (e.michail@brighton.ac.uk)

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